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Arm announces new processor IPs for AI and machine learning

Arm has announced details of its latest processors designed for artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Arm Cortex-M55, as well as the first microNPU (Neural Processing Unit), the Ethos-U55 which offer a combined 480x machine learning improvement for microcontrollers. Cortex-M based processors are already powering a vast range of AI …

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Intel announce Nervana Neural Network processors

Intel has announced a new wave of artificial intelligence. Its Nervana Neural Network processors are designed to accelerate AI system development and deployment from cloud to edge, with a new class of AI hardware. At a gathering of industry influencers, Intel demonstrated its new Nervana Neural Network Processor for Training (NNP-T1000) …

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Science committee wants new AI Commission to monitor industry


The British Science and Technology Committee, a cross-section of MPs that monitors the technology and science industries, has called for the creation of a new commission, who's sole job is to monitor the development of artificial intelligence (AI). It could encourage development of useful AIs, while creating best practices to avoid …

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Mark Zuckerberg wants to build AI to run his home

It looks like Mark Zuckerberg wants to try his hand at being Tony Stark as the Facebook CEO has set himself a goal of building artificial intelligence system to help run and control his home this year- Arnold Schwarzenegger even offered to be the voice of it. Zuckerberg set himself …

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Steve Wozniak is scared of artificial intelligence too

You would never have thought that some of the world's biggest technological innovators and forward thinkers would end up being the biggest scare-mongers when it comes to artificial intelligence, but they are. Joining the likes of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has now spoken out about …

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Google and Oxford University team up to work on AI

Google and a small team of Oxford University professors and graduates are set to work together on advancing machine learning and AI technology at the university's Dark Blue labs. In return, Google will provide funding for the research. Professor, Mike Woolridge, head of the Department of Computer Science, said: “Machine …

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Meet the robot that understands human emotion

Japanese telecoms company, Softbank, will be releasing an emotionally aware robot next February. The robot is called ‘Pepper' and will cost less than $2000 on release, company CEO, Masayoshi Son, announced at a presentation. Pepper uses technology acquired from the French robotics company, Aldebaran. You may have heard of Aldbebaran before, its …

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Former Sony boss joins new AI company

Jack Tretton, the former President of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has landed himself a job on the advisory board at a new company specialising in artificial intelligence- Genotaur. According to Tretton, Genotaur aims to enhance the way consumers interact with technology and has the resources to do it. Tretton said in …

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What’s the probability of a robot rebellion?

Robotic Rider

In what sounds like the creation for the perfect tech, buddy movie, dream team, philosopher Huw Price, astrophysicist Martin Rees and co-founder of Skype Jaan Tallinn, have come together to work out the chances of technology turning on its masters and doing a Matrix on us. “In the case of …

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