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Apple begins to chip away at €13 billion payment in Irish tax

Back in 2016, the European Commission ruled that Apple owed €13 billion in back-taxes, which the governing body branded as ‘illegal state aid’. While Ireland and Apple are still disputing the ruling, the iPhone manufacturer has now paid out €1.5 billion ($1.76bn) towards the overall sum. The money is currently …

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Facebook will start paying more tax in the UK

Facebook, like other major tech firms in the UK is often accused of paying far too little corporation tax. In 2014, despite making more than £840 million through UK advertising sales, it paid just £4,300 for the entire year. That's set to change moving forward, as Facebook is changing its …

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Obama still wants access to all the world’s data

Despite the drumming that trust in government spy agencies has taken over the past year thanks to Edward Snowden's revelations about the NSA and GCHQ data collection and retention schemes, US president Obama's administration is still pushing its luck with the kind of data it's allowed to collect. In its …

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Ebay hires on 450 in Ireland


While there's been much talk of firings as of late, whether it's HMV or Valve, one bright spot in the jobs market comes from auction site Ebay, that has hired 450 individuals in Ireland. All of those taken on will be working at Ebay's operation centre in Dundalk, County Louth …

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