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Youtubers behind CSGOLotto are being sued


Well that didn't take long. Following the revelations that a number of prominent Youtube Let's Player personalities had hidden their ownership of a CS:GO gambling site that they were promoting to their young audiences, Trevor ‘TmarTn' Martin and Tom ‘ProSyndicate' Cassell are now being sued. Although there is a lot …

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Courts push back on Dallas Buyers Club ‘extortion’

Along with the producers of The Hurt Locker, the creators of Dallas Buyers Club have been the most aggressive in recent years in going after alleged internet pirates of their movies. Not everyone rolls over and takes it though, as the latter group are now facing potential sanctions over tactics described …

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Amazon targets fake reviewers with legal action

Although there are likely a number of people that have left joking or satirical reviews of products on Amazon for the purposes of humour rather than actually influencing the product's sales, those that do it maliciously or for financial gain may be at risk of legal action, as Amazon has …

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Trade partnership TTIP looms over general election

With the general election just over a month away, politicians and their parties have spun up the rhetoric machines and begun knocking on doors around the country, hoping to win over their constituents. But while the likes of Ed Miliband and David Cameron slug it out in the press and …

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Google sues Mississippi attorney general over MPAA ties

Mississippi Attorney General, Jim Hood, has apparently been giving Google a hard time for the past year and a half, with repeated urges to try and have it block content online. Now though Google is turning the tables on him and suing him for having close ties with the MPAA, …

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Good guy Zuckerberg? Facebook to sue lawyers

In a move that is unlikely to annoy anyone, Facebook has announced its intention to take on some of the world's biggest law firms in court, after they represented Paul Ceglia, a man who for several years claimed that he technically owned a big chunk of the social network, due to a …

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Apple’s Beats settles legal dispute with Bose

Apple’s Beats Electronics and Bose Corp. on Friday settled their patent dispute over noise-cancelling technologies. Bose will no longer demand the U.S. ITC to prevent Beats’ noise-cancellation headphones from being imported into the United States from China. Bose and Beats in joint filings told a U.S. court in Delaware they …

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Bose accuses Beats Electronics of patent infringements

Bose Corp., a maker of high-end audio equipment, on Friday filed a lawsuit against Beats Electronics, which is about to become a part of Apple. Bose accused Beats of infringing multiple patents. Separately, Bose demanded the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban sales of infringing products in the U.S. Bose …

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Dotcom’s legal team ask to postpone MPAA lawsuit

When it looked like MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom's legal team might actually win his extradition trial, the MPAA and RIAA announced new law suits to try and cripple his funding. Those suits are still ongoing today, but now Dotcom's representatives want them delayed, since once again, the extradition trial has …

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Movie studios want to freeze Dotcom assets, again

It was announced last month that Kim Dotcom would be likely to regain all of his frozen assets, after New Zealand's high court ruled that it would not extend the foreign restraining order against them, thereby giving a real timeframe that would see Dotcom's cars, personal property like laptops and …

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Piracy lawsuits are a big money sink for the lobby groups

If you're a media lobby group like the BPI, MPAA, RIAA, FACT or any of the numerous others dotted about the globe, then you get the majority of your funding from studios paying you to be their digital piracy watchdogs. However, there's another method of drumming up the Christmas bonuses …

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Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat creators are suing Warner Bros

Warner Bros is one of the biggest copyright enforcers in the world, going after individuals with lawsuits, Google with DMCA takedown requests and websites like The Pirate Bay with blocks – through sponsored groups like the BPI – and yes apparently, when it comes to internet cat memes, it's more than happy to steal …

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Chubby Checker sues HP for “chubby checker” app

Chubby Checker

Lawyers on  behalf of Chubby Checker, a singer most well known for his 1960 cover of 1959 Hank Ballard b-side, The Twist, are sueing Hewlett Packard and Palm for the use of the name “Chubby Checker,” for an app that was used to guess the size of a man's penis. …

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Toys ‘R’ Us accused of making cheap knock offs

Innovation and inspiration are not quite twins, but they are very close cousins. By the same token, derivation and downright rip-off are also closely related. Lawyers get phat on the differences between these words and, right now, some of those lawyers belong to Acer, Foxconn, Kingston and Toys ‘R' Us. You may …

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Youtube-MP3 hits back at Google with the internet!

Youtube MP3

And legal council. We covered the overt threat from Google towards Youtube ripping site Youtube-MP3.com last month, where it was made clear that should it not shut down voluntarily, Google would be forced to bring to bear its staggeringly well funded legal team. Instead of bowing to this potential tidal …

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