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MOBAs dominate during i49

We’ve talked a lot about Multiplay’s i49 festival over the past few days. Whether it’s zombies, new hardware from MSI, OCUK’s hardware delivery or the fact that I forgot my laptop, there’s been a lot on. Of course though, if you aren’t just one of the visitors and actually brought …

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DotA 2 chat bans cut back on in-game abuse

One of the biggest problems of running a MOBA title like League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth or DotA 2, is that the communities that play them can be extremely caustic. Most players are nice enough, passively playing away with the odd ping to give you a heads up, but …

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Steam user base is still growing, fast

Steam Stats

While many might look at Steam as the default platform for gaming on the PC, it obviously hasn’t got everyone on board yet, as its user base is growing all the time and according to new statistics, that growth is accelerating too. Back in January last year, Steam had a …

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Heroes of Newerth accounts hacked


S2 Games has announced that its MOBA title, Heroes of Newerth, has been hacked and the passwords of user’s accounts have been breached. To counter it the developer has reset everyone’s passwords and is recommending that any players change any login information elsewhere that shares details with HoN. Showing a …

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