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LG to showcase robots at CES 2017

CES 2017 is just a few days away at this point and LG wants to give everyone a sneak peek at what it's been working on. In short: robots. Robots that will manage your home, robots that will manage your garden and robots designed with businesses and public spaces in mind. The …

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Foxconn to replace 60,000 workers with robots

This week, news broke that Foxconn would be shedding 60,000 jobs and replacing those factory workers with robots. Foxconn is known for having a hand in the making of devices like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and this week, it confirmed that its employee count would shrink from 110,000 down to …

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Samsung to build robots for South Korean factories

Samsung and South Korea are aiming to cut down on manufacturing costs for electronics by building robots to replace factory workers. The idea is to replace human employees with cheap to run robots, to deal with plenty of tasks, including those that currently require a more delicate touch. The South …

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These tiny robots can lift 100 times their weight

The robot uprising is approaching and these tiny robots may have a part to play as they can lift 100 times their own weight. The super strong, pocket-sized robots were built by mechanical engineers at Stanford University in California, who will present them next month at the International Conference on …

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Google and Oxford University team up to work on AI

Google and a small team of Oxford University professors and graduates are set to work together on advancing machine learning and AI technology at the university's Dark Blue labs. In return, Google will provide funding for the research. Professor, Mike Woolridge, head of the Department of Computer Science, said: “Machine …

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Milton Keynes to get driverless cars by 2015

The UK will be testing driverless cars within the next year, starting with a small group of 20 automated cars that drive on specific routes, have a speed cap of 12 miles per hour and only carry two people. The limitations make sense as this kind of testing needs to …

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What’s the probability of a robot rebellion?

Robotic Rider

In what sounds like the creation for the perfect tech, buddy movie, dream team, philosopher Huw Price, astrophysicist Martin Rees and co-founder of Skype Jaan Tallinn, have come together to work out the chances of technology turning on its masters and doing a Matrix on us. “In the case of …

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Robots will be able to work alongside people

For many years robots have been unable to work alongside humans, due to safety issues. However recent developments in motion sensing could translate into massive improvements for various industries. NASA technicians sent a humanoid robot to the International Space Station last year. The Robonaut 2 (R2) was a torso with …

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