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Microsoft not honouring Xbox One controller warranties?

When you buy yourself a controller, especially if it’s an official one, you expect it to have a fair amount of life in it, even if you’re a heavy gamer. However that’s not been the experience of KitGuru reader Michael Allred, who recently contacted Microsoft support to make use of …

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Apple will continue to repair MacBooks with GPU fault


It seems that some MacBooks that were sold between February of 2011, until December of 2013 started to develop some pretty severe graphical issues when they were used. Back in 2014 a class action lawsuit was even brought against Apple, as it knew that the laptops were defective and failed to properly compensate customers. …

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Channel prepares to launch MSI Z77 MPower at £179

One of the most successful MSI mainboard ranges of recent times was the Big Bang. While very appealing in terms of pure specification, the boards were priced high and not accessible to everyone. Now MSI’s engineers have taken a step back, pulled out the best features from Big Bang and …

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EVGA set to slash warranty support by up to 80% ?

Different companies market on different things. The idea is to establish a USP or Unique Selling Point and push into the market with that USP. For a long time, nVidia partner EVGA has been pushing a global message that its 10 year warranty was a key reason to but its …

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