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SAPPHIRE Toxic RX 6900 XT Limited Edition Review

Following on from our stock thermal and acoustic testing, here we re-test the operating temperature of the GPU, but with noise levels normalised to 40dBa. This allows us to measure the efficiency of the overall cooling solution as varying noise levels as a result of more aggressive fan curves are no longer a factor.

As a result of the different power targets, we don’t get identical results when testing noise-normalised thermals with the Toxic. The Quiet BIOS has the lowest power target, and therefore offers the lowest temperatures. Even Toxic Boost, with its 400W target, hit just 75C Junction temperature, which is 12C cooler than the reference 6900 XT. Of course, we’d expect these temperatures to be lower considering the Toxic uses a 360mm liquid cooler, but it’s still good to see the AIO is more than a match for this 400W GPU.

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