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AMD will explore graphics IP licensing opportunities going forward

In a bid to boost its revenue streams, Advanced Micro Devices could start licensing its graphics processing technologies to third parties, just like ARM Holdings, Imagination Technologies, Nvidia Corp. and Vivante. But will that business make sense to AMD? AMD and Nvidia Corp. are the last two remaining developers of discrete …

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AMD: We have bright future in 2016 and ahead

Advanced Micro Devices may not have a clear product roadmap for 2015, when it essentially will continue selling current-generation products and will not increase performance of its chips significantly. Nonetheless, the company pins many hopes on its 2016 lineup when it will have a number of new products that are …

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AMD to boost energy efficiency of APUs by 25 times by 2020

Advanced Micro Devices recently set a goal to improve energy efficiency of its accelerated processing units by 25 times by 2020. To achieve this goal, AMD will have to outpace historical energy efficiency trend by over 70 per cent, but the company claims it knows what to do and even …

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AMD launches ‘Core is back’ campaign, readies mysterious APU launch?

Advanced Micro Devices this week started a mysterious “Core is back” campaign by publishing a video on its Facebook page. The campaign is clearly designed to promote AMD’s Fusion accelerated processing units, heterogeneous chips containing x86 and highly-parallel graphics processing cores. The video shows how applications (depicted as monsters) fight …

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AMD’s Carrizo APUs rumoured to feature integrated HBM memory

One of the advantages that some of Intel Corp.’s integrated graphics processors (IGPs) have compared to AMD’s IGPs is a large level four cache that is used to store frequently used data. While at present AMD’s integrate graphics adapters are still faster compared to Intel’s, in the future the latter …

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AMD to increase energy efficiency of APUs by 25 times by 2020

Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday unveiled a rather bold strategy called 25X20 under which it intends to dramatically increase energy efficiency of its accelerated processing units by the year 2020. In the next six years AMD plans to further optimize power consumption of its chips and also increase their performance, …

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