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Intel drones were behind Lady Gaga Superbowl half-time show

Our cousins across the pond celebrated their biggest ‘football' event this weekend and that means that the internet has largely ignored the results and spent a lot of time talking about the entertainment offered elsewhere during the game. The half-time show, for example, featured singer Lady Gaga doing her thing, …

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CAA threatens jail time after another drone near-miss

The Civil Aviation Authority, which directly and indirectly handles all sorts of aircraft regulation within the UK, has announced that any drone users found to be endangering other aircraft will be prosecuted and could face up to five years in jail if convicted. This follows on from another instance where …

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UK drones should be registered claims House of Lords

The House of Lords EU Committee wants to see more restrictions placed on the use of drones in the UK, with users forced to register their ownership. This would include both commercial and personal uses of the technology, which is counter to American legislation which recently gave the thumbs up …

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US approves drone usage for films, not delivery

Drones were always going to need regulation. As fun a toy as they are, as they get lighter, smaller and more powerful, they have the potential to travel higher and further and that means they could not only invade people's privacy, but also pose a real hazard to civilian and military …

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Collision resistant Drones for Good


Drones can be pretty easy to crash, whether you know what you are doing and have had plenty of practice flying them, or if you decide to try out your friends drone while drunk and fly it into the Whitehouse. A small Swiss team called Flyability think it has the answer to …

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Imperial College London to build advanced drone lab

As part of its plans to become a hotbed of robotics research, the Imperial College London is investing £1.25 million in a new drone testing lab on its South Kensington campus. Construction on the new facility won't start until 2016, but when it does, a new two story facility will …

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Amazon shares drop after near half billion loss announcement

Amazon might have spent much of this quarter aggressively expanding and introducing new services like Prime member streaming music and same-day deliveries in the UK, suggesting growth and prosperity, but its books paint a much less successful picture of the same period. According to the latest earnings report, Amazon lost …

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Welcome to the age of laser drones

If Sci-fi has told us anything, it's that the future is filled with robots that may or may not want to kill us and lasers, lots and lots of lasers. While we might be still a few years away from developing some form of sentient life form from the internet, …

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Dyson builds flying drones from vacuum parts

Dyson might be a company that's famous for sucking dust off the floor and blowing water off our hands, but it's also got a sterling reputation for invention. If you've ever wondered how it manages to foster that entrepreneurial spirit among its work force, then look no further than the …

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