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Does the Unity Engine have an image problem?

Despite not having quite the visual pedigree of the Unreal Engine or CryEngine series of developmental tools, Unity is a world wide respected piece of software that has been used by millions to create thousands of games. However, according to the company's CEO John Riccitiello, the fact that so many people …

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Unity technologies is not up for sale

Last week it was reported that the Unity development platform may be up for sale, with presentations outlining the company's business value hitting the desks of Microsoft and Google amongst other companies. However, Unity co-founder, Joachim Ante has since denied these rumors, stating that while several partners have tried discussing …

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The Unity development platform might be up for sale

Unity has been a hit with indie game developers, providing the tools to create high quality games on a budget. However, it looks like the platform may soon have a new owner as Unity is reportedly up for sale. A presentation outlining the value of the business is apparently doing …

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Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord doesn’t look awful

I love Mount and Blade and especially its pseudo-sequel, Warband. I've put hundreds of hours into the franchise, be it in the native game or in modifications. It's one of the most engrossing, expansive and challenging single player experiences I've ever had, but it did let fans down in one …

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DayZ is finally moving to a new engine

From the outside looking in, progress on DayZ seems to have been moving very slowly. Many of the promised standalone features have yet to be incorporated but according to Dean Hall, the game is finally set to move to a new engine, which will improve parts of the game and …

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Silicon Studio’s new engine demo is very pretty

Each new successive generation of graphics, we often hear a lot about Epic's new engine, or Crytek's new one and Unity gets a lot of press for its multi-platform outputs, but Bravely Default developer, Silicon Studio, shouldn't get left out, as its new engine tech demo is incredibly pretty – …

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