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Intel announce anti theft technology for Sandy Bridge

Intel’s David Allen has confirmed that they are going to include the ability to remotely disable Sandy Bridge systems from a remote administration console. This will be a great asset to corporations and Intel will include this anti theft technology in the vPro equipped chips. Allen spoke to IT Business …

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China hijacks web traffic, fears of cyberweapon emerge

Disturbing news is circulating that a state owned Chinese telecommunications firm rerouted around 15percent of all web traffic through its own servers, during a limited period on April 8. This report, also documented by news agencies in the UK such as The Telegraph has raised fresh concerns that sensitive information …

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Koobface worm ‘Boonana’ targets Macintosh users

A new hybrid of the Koobface worm that targets Mac OS X, Windows and Linux users is spreading through Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Antivirus firms have reported the new malware, dubbed ‘Boonana’ when Intego and SecureMac warned Mac OS X users that the worm is aimed firmly at them. Boonana …

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Ban sick PC’s from internet say Microsoft

A senior researcher at Microsoft says that virus infected computers that pose a threat to other PC’s should be blocked from accessing the internet. Scott Charney of the trustworthy computing team said that this concept follows ideas learned from public health situations. Putting infected computers into a temporary quarantine would …

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ZeuS Trojan hybrids prove unstoppable

ZeuS malware has been used for some time now to steal personal information from online accounts and while several arrests have taken place in the US and the UK this Trojan is proving difficult to stop. Arresting several organisations unfortunately won’t suddenly mean that this nasty piece of software vanishes. …

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A Jobs well done?

A large portion of people reading this article will assuredly have strong opinions on Apple as a company and I would take an educated guess that at least 75% will feel they are ‘overpriced’ and form the heart of an elitist group of users who mock enthusiasts who prefer to …

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