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Tech firms dismiss GCHQ calls for tighter relationship

Yesterday, fresh faced and bushy tailed, new head of the GCHQ, Robert Hannigan announced that he wanted tech firms of the UK to strike a new deal with intelligence agencies to ensure more cooperation. His reasoning for this call on social networks and similar companies, was to (of course) help …

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Facebook is actively searching the dark web for stolen passwords

Facebook has come to the realization that securing a server just isn’t enough to keep passwords out of the hands of cyber criminals anymore, which is why the company is approaching security a little differently. Facebook has announced that for the past few months, they’ve been searching anonymous posting sites …

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Startup apps might be about to get a lot more secure

Startups are a great thing for any industry, as they bring in new people, new ideas and often that leads to innovation. However when it comes to smartphone apps, it can also lead to vulnerabilities and stolen data, as the developers don’t quite cover the bases in terms of security. …

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Apple to tighten up iCloud security

While Apple denies that it was a flaw in its iCloud system that allowed hundreds of private celebrity photos to be leaked on to the web last week, it has admitted that it could do more to protect its users and will introduce additional security measures within two weeks. Apple’s …

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BlackBerry to encrypt voice calls thanks to acquisition of Secusmart

Less than two weeks after Apple and IBM agreed to offer enterprise-tailored services with sophisticated security, BlackBerry, whose main customers are enterprises, governments and other organizations requiring advanced security, announced a plan to acquire Secusmart GmbH. The take-over enriches BlackBerry’s extensive security technologies with high-security voice and data encryption and …

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Google forms Project Zero, the anti-hack super team

Google has decided that enough is enough. Hackers, be they government sponsored security experts or bedroom nerds with a gift for social engineering, are the latest target of Google investment, as it has announced the creation of a new team of researchers called Project Zero, which is designed to find …

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Do UK business executives take cyber-security seriously?

If anything has been learned by the tech community over the past few years, it’s that determined hackers will almost always get what they want. Whether you take a look back at Anonymous’ impressive resume of successful take downs and leaks, to Edward Snowden dumping thousands of classified files on …

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The first Heartbleed hacker has been arrested

The Heartbleed bug has been around for a couple of years but it caused quite a stir when it was publicly revealed last week. However, there had been no reports of people abusing the bug until now, a Canadian hacker has become the first person to get arrested for abusing …

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Kaspersky: 900 hidden online resources are active on Tor daily

Kaspersky Labs has been closely monitoring the Tor network for some time now and believes that as more people and services make use of it, the cyber criminal element is growing. While the Tor infrastructure isn’t remotely on the same scale as the conventional internet, Kaspersky’s experts still managed to …

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Sony is resetting passwords due to irregular activity

Sony is sending out emails to users across the world recommending that they change their passwords. Two members of staff at The Verge received these warning emails, which included the following statement from Sony: “The Sony Entertainment Network team routinely monitors for any irregular activity, and if such activity is …

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Huawei denies spying for the Chinese goverment

Huawei has been the centre of discussion recently, we already know that the British ISP TalkTalk use the company to maintain its filters and that both the ISP and Huawei can add or remove sites from the filter as they see fit. Recently David Cameron praised the company’s filtering system in …

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Of course the NSA is defending its data gathering

Well you wouldn’t expect it to do a Microsoft now would you? Putting its big dog forward, the NSA chief General Keith Alexander spoke out at a cyber security conference yesterday, where he addressed security professionals from around the world, promising to answer any questions they had. While Wired points …

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Secure storage gravitates to Swiss data banks

Since the Middle Ages, Swiss Banks have had a reputation for keeping your most valuable assets safe. The country also has a ton of secrecy laws enshrined into its national identity. Cue the 21st Century. KitGuru gets Bourne again. The Cypriot government decided to snatch money directly from bank customer’s …

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Galaxy S4 security approved for US government use

US government officials could be the next poster boys and girls for the Samsung Galaxy S4, after the Pentagon gave the nod of approval for its Knox security software – meaning the S4 handset will soon be getting access to some of the world’s most secretive information. Approval from the …

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Billboard hackers given security bounty


Similar to the way that Kim Dotcom’s Mega has been doling out rewards to those that manage to find flaws in its security, a pair of hackers from Serbia have been given prizes for hacking into a local billboard and playing space invaders on it. We reported on the duo …

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EU to force digital companies to report hacks


The European Union has announced a new cybersecurity directive, that will place legal bindings on companies in key internet positions to report any breaches of their security, such as hacking attacks. This would bring companies like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other large scale services in-line and force them to keep …

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Facebook New Year messaging tool had privacy flaw


Hot off the back of its Instagram gaff, Facebook has suffered another blow to its reputation, as its Midnight Message Delivery app, that was designed to allow people to leave messages for loved ones that would be sent automatically as the New Year rolled around, had a gaping hole in …

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Could gamers be the next-gen security experts?

Jurassic Park

While we’re used to seeing Hollywood depict hacking and computer access as some sort of 3D world to be explored, whether it’s in Tron, or Jurassic Park, those seemingly ridiculous scenarios might actually be closer to computer security of the future than we might think. Traditionally, security officials spend their time looking …

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HD CCTV, more of a invasion of privacy?

Scanner Darkly

CCTV cameras capable of recording in high definition, could spark a public outcry, it has been warned by the UK’s surveillance commissioner, Andrew Rennison. While many would argue that better quality cameras are more likely to be able to identify criminals, plenty of people still fear the ‘Big Brother’ future …

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