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Truckload of EVGA RTX 30-series GPUs stolen

Ever since the launch of RTX 30 series graphics cards, we've faced numerous issues with stock. Scalpers and cryptominers were quick to buy up early stock, then supply chain shortages kicked in, keeping retail stocks low and waiting lists long. Now, we're seeing examples of straight up thievery, with a …

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Mt. Gox penniless long before closure

The closure of Mt Gox was one of the biggest bitcoin related stories of 2014, despite it taking place early in the year. However, it's now come to light that despite being one of the world's prominent bitcoin exchanges and depositories, it was in-fact insolvent for a long time before …

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Ebay brain seller busted after museum thefts

A man has been arrested and charged with theft (among other offences) after he was caught in a sting operation, trying to sell brains to a middleman that he had previously stolen from a a range of over 2,000 patients' organs in the Indiana Medical History museum. The specimens range …

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Gamestop executive sentenced to four years for fraud


While we might often talk about the demise of the high street video game retailer here at KitGuru, it isn't always the fault of outdated business practices. GameStop at least, can place some of its problems, squarely at the feet of one ex-vice president of corporate communications, who defrauded the …

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Bitcoin hack steals £8,000


Hackers have broken into Bitcoin brokerage, Bitinstant, taking more than $12,000 (£7,965) worth of the digital currency. The exchange has been quick to claim that no customers were affected – though the company website was knocked offline for a short period over the weekend. The hack was a clever one, involving …

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Illegal download of Crysis 2, version revealed

The hottest story this morning, is the news that Crysis 2 has been leaked and is presently cascading its viral way across the world's newsgroups and torrent sites. KitGuru has been inundated with information. Here's our latest update. When Doom 3 was going to launch, all those Martian moons ago, …

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