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Kim Dotcom denied access to extradition data

Kim Dotcom has been battling his extradition since January 2012. While the trial has yet to take place, having been put off several times (and now set for July this year) he’s spent a lot of time and energy merely trying to get a look at the evidence arraigned against …

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US authorities win appeal in Dotcom extradition case

Throughout the extradition war between Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom and the US authorities attempting to send him to their homeland for a full criminal trial, one of the battlegrounds has been whether Dotcom’s legal team should be given access to all the evidence against their client, or simply be given …

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Megaupload user to get a hearing

Mega Upload

One of the users that has his data seized as part of the Megaupload takedown by US and NZ authorities, Kyle Goodwin, has been granted a hearing, that will allow him to fight for the retrieval of his data – something that the US officials are not keen on at …

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High Court rules Kim Dotcom to see all prosecution evidence

Kim Dotcom

Legally embattled owner of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, has secured a minor victory in New Zealand, after the High Court backed up an earlier decision by Judge David Harvey, who stepped down earlier this year after making impartial comments relating to the case. Mr Dotcom and his legal team will be …

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