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AMD Zen 3 processors vulnerable to Spectre-like exploits

AMD has published a document warning that Zen 3-based processors may be targeted by side-channel attacks. As per its description, this vulnerability is similar to Spectre, which plagued Intel processors three years ago. AMD Zen 3 core architecture features a new technology that improves performance by predicting the “relationship between loads …

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Intel halts Spectre patch plans for some older CPUs

Since January, Intel has been working on mitigating the impact of the Spectre vulnerability by releasing microcode updates for past chips. Intel CPUs dating back an entire decade are prone to Spectre, so the company started at the top, and began working its way down towards older generations. Patches for …

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HP Envy 14 Spectre premium ultrabook announced

HP have officially revealed their new Envy 14 Spectre at the CES show in Las Vegas. This is being pitched as a ‘premium ultrabook’ with a price tag to match. It measures 0.78 inches thick and is reminiscent of a Macbook machine in the PR picture we received. The Spectre …

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GeForce Now adds 13 more games this week

Nvidia started off this month promising to bring over 30 games to GeForce Now. As we near the end of June, the final batch of GeForce Now games for the month have been announced, with another 13 titles joining the library. Due to the inclusion of DLSS and ray-traced lighting …

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