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Apple rumoured to launch curved iPhone in 2017


From what we have seen and heard so far, 2016 is going to be a fairly unexciting year for the iPhone. However, 2017 is shaping up to be the year to upgrade with reports of big design changes, OLED screens and now, the rumour mill is claiming that Apple will …

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Android 7.0 Nougat will start rolling out today


Just as rumours previously predicted, Google is kicking off the rollout of Android Nougat today, with the OS update coming to the Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P. On top of that though, the update is also coming to the Pixel C tablet, which wasn’t previously mentioned. Android 7.0 is a …

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It looks like Android Nougat might release next week


Google kickstarted Android Nougat’s development a lot earlier than expected this year and back in June, one of the final beta releases for the OS came out. Now, it looks like Android Nougat is ready for its public release, which could happen next week according to new reports. Apparently, Android …

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Russia is fining Google for pre-installing apps on Android


Google can’t seem to escape its antitrust battles, not only are they under investigation by the European Commission but Russia also had a bone to pick with the search provider over pre-installed Android apps. Now, Google has been hit by a $6.75 million fine in Russia, for requiring pre-installed apps …

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MSI is counting down to its next gen gaming notebooks


It looks like MSI is preparing for a big launch next week by teasing its next generation gaming notebooks which aim to “shatter the desktop performance cliche” by cramming in more power than ever before and offering ‘VR Ready’ graphics across the entire range. MSI has launched a new countdown …

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Analyst claims Apple Watch 2 is coming this year


Apple is all set to announce its next iPhone in September, which we already know quite a bit about thanks to leaks. However, it looks like we may also see Apple announce the Apple Watch 2, which we have heard much less about until now. According to KGI’s Apple analyst, …

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Samsung’s new patent sure looks a lot like the Apple Watch


  There could be more trouble brewing between Apple and Samsung right now as a recent Samsung patent filing just surfaced online and it seems to illustrate a smartwatch with the exact same design as the already released Apple Watch. The patent is for a ‘wearable device’ and was filed …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and GearVR images leak


We have known for a while that Samsung is planning to officially announce the Galaxy Note 7 and a new GearVR headset next week. However, now it looks like the company may have nothing truly ‘new’ to show as a fresh batch of PR leaks hit the web today, giving …

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Cyanogen Android ROM failures lead to job losses


It would seem that trouble is brewing over at Cyanogen, who have reportedly cut jobs from the Android ROM section of the business after failing to gain mainstream popularity through partnerships with the likes of OnePlus and Microsoft. There is also word of Cyanogen shifting its focus from its OS …

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Gorilla Glass 5 protects your smartphone from bigger drops

Corning has been refining Gorilla Glass for years and its latest iteration is the toughest yet. The glass-making company is now showing off Gorilla Glass 5, which aims to protect smartphones from damage when landing on rough surfaces as high as 1.6 meters, or somewhere between average waist and shoulder …

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Mysterious Nvidia tablet passes FCC certification


Nvidia first launched its original Shield Tablet back in 2014 and since then, it has been supported with regular updates and features like Game Stream and GeForce Now have improved significantly. However, it is about time for a hardware update and it looks like there might be one on the …

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Judge gives approval for Fitbit class action suit


A judge has given the thumbs up for a class action lawsuit against fitness tracking wearable maker, Fitbit. The suit claims that Fitbit grossly over sold the ability of its Flex wearable to track users’ sleep patterns, including its length, quality and depth. Fitbit’s defence since the plaintiffs came forward …

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Apple may drop Samsung as supplier for future iPhone chips


Over time, Apple’s relationship with Samsung has gotten pretty complicated but despite all of the lawsuits, the two companies still work fairly closely together on products like the iPhone year after year. However, that may change quite soon as reports circulating this week suggest that Apple may drop Samsung as …

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Apple working on curved OLED display for future iPhone


We already know that Apple is looking to make the jump to OLED displays and previous reports indicate that it has tapped Samsung and LG to help produce them. However, now it looks like Apple may also begin making iPhones with curved OLED displays in the future, similarly to Samsung …

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Nokia and Samsung agree to expand patent sharing deal


We are pretty used to smartphone makers battling it out in court with endless lawsuits over patents these days, so it is always refreshing to hear about two large companies cooperating instead. This week, Samsung and Nokia agreed to expand their patent sharing deal, giving each other access to a library …

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The Galaxy Note 7 set to launch on 2nd of August


If you have been waiting to upgrade your smartphone this year then you may want to keep your eye on Samsung at the beginning of August as the company is hosting a new launch event, most likely for the heavily leaked Galaxy Note 7. An invitation was sent out to …

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