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Cyanogen Android ROM failures lead to job losses


It would seem that trouble is brewing over at Cyanogen, who have reportedly cut jobs from the Android ROM section of the business after failing to gain mainstream popularity through partnerships with the likes of OnePlus and Microsoft. There is also word of Cyanogen shifting its focus from its OS …

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Gorilla Glass 5 protects your smartphone from bigger drops

Corning has been refining Gorilla Glass for years and its latest iteration is the toughest yet. The glass-making company is now showing off Gorilla Glass 5, which aims to protect smartphones from damage when landing on rough surfaces as high as 1.6 meters, or somewhere between average waist and shoulder …

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Mysterious Nvidia tablet passes FCC certification


Nvidia first launched its original Shield Tablet back in 2014 and since then, it has been supported with regular updates and features like Game Stream and GeForce Now have improved significantly. However, it is about time for a hardware update and it looks like there might be one on the …

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Judge gives approval for Fitbit class action suit


A judge has given the thumbs up for a class action lawsuit against fitness tracking wearable maker, Fitbit. The suit claims that Fitbit grossly over sold the ability of its Flex wearable to track users’ sleep patterns, including its length, quality and depth. Fitbit’s defence since the plaintiffs came forward …

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Apple may drop Samsung as supplier for future iPhone chips


Over time, Apple’s relationship with Samsung has gotten pretty complicated but despite all of the lawsuits, the two companies still work fairly closely together on products like the iPhone year after year. However, that may change quite soon as reports circulating this week suggest that Apple may drop Samsung as …

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Apple working on curved OLED display for future iPhone


We already know that Apple is looking to make the jump to OLED displays and previous reports indicate that it has tapped Samsung and LG to help produce them. However, now it looks like Apple may also begin making iPhones with curved OLED displays in the future, similarly to Samsung …

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Nokia and Samsung agree to expand patent sharing deal


We are pretty used to smartphone makers battling it out in court with endless lawsuits over patents these days, so it is always refreshing to hear about two large companies cooperating instead. This week, Samsung and Nokia agreed to expand their patent sharing deal, giving each other access to a library …

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The Galaxy Note 7 set to launch on 2nd of August


If you have been waiting to upgrade your smartphone this year then you may want to keep your eye on Samsung at the beginning of August as the company is hosting a new launch event, most likely for the heavily leaked Galaxy Note 7. An invitation was sent out to …

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Google might be building its own Nexus Smartwatch


It seems that things in the Android Wear smartwatch world have slowed down a bit lately but this week, reports have begun circulating suggesting that Google is currently working on two of its own smartwatches, set to launch under the Nexus brand. This isn’t the first time that we have …

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Apple might finally get rid of the 16GB iPhone

These days, most Android flagship handsets launch with 32GB of internal memory as standard. However, Apple has been a little slower to adopt this trend with iOS but that could change this year as current rumours indicate that the iPhone 7 won’t have a 16GB version, instead the base model …

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Leaked image shows off Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in full

We have been hearing more and more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recently, from the name, to the release date, to the internal specifications and now, we also know exactly what the phablet will look like thanks to an image posted online recently. Last month, EVLeaks/Evan Blass tweeted out …

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Apple might also be acquiring Tidal

It has been almost a year since Apple first launched Apple Music, which was first put in the works after the company acquired Dr Dre’s Beats for $3 billion. Now, Apple is setting its sights on Tidal, the high-fidelity music streaming service that has been spear-headed by Jay Z since he …

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Google has officially named Android N

Following on from earlier news that Android N is nearing its final release, Google has officially settled on a final name for its latest OS. After fielding some suggestions from the public, Google has decided that the next version of Android should be known as Android Nougat. Google first announced …

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More info on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 appears online

We have been hearing quite a bit about Samsung’s 2016 Galaxy Note device recently and this week, more information popped up online. This time around, we got confirmation that Samsung will be skipping the Galaxy Note 6 and jumping straight to the Galaxy Note 7 in order to get the …

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New report points to Google making its own smartphone

We have been hearing for a while that Google is working on ways to take back control of Android and take on Apple in a more direct way, with previous rumours even pointing towards Google making its own processors. This year, we may see Google take its biggest step to taking …

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Apple is discontinuing its Cinema Display

For years, Apple has been offering up a 2560×1440 Thunderbolt Cinema Display in its store and while it is still around for now, the company is discontinuing it this year, meaning once current stock sells out, there won’t be any more on the way. Apple has been selling a cinema …

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Samsung Galaxy S8 said to feature 4K display for mobile VR

Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the company has been working with Oculus to push the GearVR, a headset designed to allow a wider audience to experience virtual reality with their smartphones without shelling out the cash for a high-powered PC and VR headset. Next year, we may …

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Samsung said to announce Galaxy Note 7 early August

We have been hearing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for a while now. At this point we have heard quite a bit about release plans and even the device’s specifications but now we also know when Samsung is planning to announce it, with sources pointing towards a 2nd of …

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Google begins putting Android Play Store on Chrome OS

A short while after first announcing that it would be bringing Android apps to Chrome OS, Google has officially begun rolling out the Android Play Store to some Chrome OS devices. This is a test build, so it isn’t perfect yet but this is the first iteration of the Play …

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