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Steam for ChromeOS enters beta

Valve has really ramped up its efforts to support alternative operating systems lately. With the Steam Deck, Valve brought Linux-based gaming to the masses and now, Valve is expanding these efforts with Steam support for ChromeOS.  ChromeOS is the operating system installed on Chromebooks, which often make for decent, cheap …

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ARM: Our cores have enough performance for notebooks

Rumours about personal computers in clamshell form-factors powered by microprocessors featuring ARM architecture have been floating around for years, but only recently select Chinese companies released notebooks with Google Chrome OS that actually use ARM-based system-on-chips. According to ARM Holdings, these systems are only the beginning. “Just recently we have …

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Nvidia Tegra X1 to power desktops, notebooks, tablets, portable consoles

Unveiled early this year, Tegra X1 system-on-chip from Nvidia Corp. was positioned mainly for automotive applications. However, given rather serious processing horsepower it has, it can be used for many other devices. In fact, according to recent leaks and listings, Nvidia and its partners plan to use the Tegra X1 …

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