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Database issues and some downtime

After receiving many emails I wanted to apologise if anyone has been experiencing issues today and yesterday evening. We performed what we thought was a routine backup yesterday and encountered some problems. At first we thought Faith, our drunken news hound had spilt her vodka over the server. The site …

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Order Medal of Honor and get Battlefield 3, FREE

As you know, KitGuru is powered by Multiplay – the world’s leading online gaming and LAN event organisation. They’re massive, with the ability to host more than 100,000 simultaneous gamers. Big Stuff!  But what many of you may not know is that Multiplay also owns Fileplay. KitGuru sticks in its …

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Zardon hits 5GHz on air. N00bs: Look and despair

After spending the best part of a week clocking seven shades of super-charged-performance from the Intel 655k and 875k processors, life in the labs is moving back to normal. Looking back through all the work done, it seems that one JPG was not posted in any story – and we’d …

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Why do so many products score well on KitGuru?

KitGuru is all about the audience. We not only want to report on the latest/greatest technology for you, we also listen carefully to what you ask us. We constantly run polls and trawl through our forums to see what you are really interested in. We then use our skill and …

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