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First image of new Google Glass revealed

Right at the start of 2015, Google made the decision to stop selling Google Glass in its current form and put a stop to the device's open development, bringing things back behind closed doors. Since then, we've heard the odd rumour here and there but Google hasn't talked about Glass …

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Amazon designs pair of augmented reality glasses

Amazon has designed its own pair of augmented reality glasses, judging by a recent patent filing from the company. While many other device makers are currently focussed on virtual reality, there aren't as many big names currently working on augmented reality, aside from Microsoft with the Hololens and Google with …

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Sony to launch smartglasses in March

A few weeks have passed since Google took Google Glass development back behind closed doors but the wearable's failure to truly take off hasn't deterred Sony from launching its own pair of smart glasses, which will arrive on the 10th of March. The SmartEyeGlass as its called will launch in …

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Google: wearables need to get cheaper to become popular

Without doubts, wearable computing devices are a part of the future, but at present they are hardly popular for three reasons: they are expensive, they are bulky and their capabilities are limited. Evolution of technology will make devices more stylish and compact, but manufacturers will have to do their best in order …

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Amazon may be developing its own smart eyewear

Amazon this week hired Babak Parviz, a former Google executive who led the development of the company's Glass wearable gadget. Several weeks ago Mr. Parviz was replaced from his position at Google, but remained at the company. Apparently, Amazon has offered the executive better opportunities than his former employee. Potentially, …

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Google Glass is finally available for everyone to buy

Google Glass only costs just $150 to make, but whopping $1500 to buy. Apparently, even an extreme price-point does not stop many technology enthusiasts from demanding to buy it. However, up to this week only select software developers under the Explorer program could get the smart eyewear. Apparently, the closed …

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