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Despite the advances for integrated audio, the very best quality still belongs to dedicated soundcards. Find out which one’s best for you at KitGuru.

ASUS Strix RAID Pro 7.1 PCI-E Sound Card

If you take audio seriously then the onboard processing on many motherboards simply wont deliver an immersive enough experience. Today we look at the mid range solution in the new range from ASUS – dubbed the Strix RAID Pro. This card has full support for 7.1 surround sound. Asus have …

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Asus Xonar U5 5.1 USB sound card review

When it comes to upgrading your PC it is usually pretty easy to understand the benefits associated by spending more money. A new CPU and motherboard will give you extra overclocking potential and a snappier system. A new graphics card will give you better gaming performance and a new SSD …

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ASUS Xonar U7 Echelon Edition Review

Last year ASUS enjoyed both public and critical success with their Xonar U7 USB sound card. For the enthusiast user demanding higher grade sound quality, adding an external DAC can be a good investment. Driving an expensive audiophile grade pair of headphones from the basic sound chip on a motherboard …

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Creative Sound Blaster Z Sound Card Review

The Creative Sound Blaster Z Sound card is part of the new flagship series of Sound Blaster and features the multi-core Sound Core3D audio processor and beamforming microphone. There are three models in the Sound Blaster Z range; the Z, the Zx and the ZxR. A beamforming microphone is made …

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Arctic launches Audio Relay, can you hear the music?

We’re lazy. All of us. That probably includes you. In our modern world, with so many things running through our PC, we’re used to being able to go click-point-click and have anything we like happen. Films, music etc are all a single click away. But what if you’re not at …

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Asus Essence One audiophile amp – CeBIT 2011

Following the huge interest in KitGuru’s recent stories about top end headphone and streaming media devices, we couldn’t help smiling when we noticed the gorgeous Essence One on the Asus stand at CeBIT 2011. KitGuru dons dark glasses and approaches with pitch-perfect ears set to maximum definition. Having created one …

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