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Even Bill Gates couldn’t afford his own Death Star


If you have ever pondered after watching a Star Wars film  ‘I wonder how much it would cost to build my own Death Star!?’ – we now have the answer. British party site Twizzle has created a demographic that explains just how much it would cost to create the incredible …

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What we learned from Elon Musk’s AMA


From Pirate Parties to Paypal founders, we’re looking at a few AMAs this morning, but we can’t pass up the chance to look through all of the things Space X CEO, Elon Musk was asked about in his. Moving swiftly on from the questions about poo disposal and electric busses …

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Science committee wants new AI Commission to monitor industry


The British Science and Technology Committee, a cross-section of MPs that monitors the technology and science industries, has called for the creation of a new commission, who’s sole job is to monitor the development of artificial intelligence (AI). It could encourage development of useful AIs, while creating best practices to avoid …

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Boeing challenges Space X in a race to Mars


Considering how young Space X is as a rocket developer, it’s somewhat surprising that it seems so advanced and forward thinking, especially when it comes to getting people to Mars. Boeing however isn’t happy letting it take all the limelight and has challenged the Elon Musk founded company to the …

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Elon Musk pledges humans on Mars by 2022

Late last night, Elon Musk addressed attendees at the International Astronautical Congress and outlined his plans for Mars colonisation. He believes that Space X can get human boots on Mars by 2022, reduce costs to as little as $100,000 per person to travel to the red planet before long, and by …

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Elon Musk has plans to send people way beyond Mars

Space X CEO Elon Musk is one of the world’s leading proponents of colonising other worlds, but he may not stop at sending people to Mars. The Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT) design, which is said to be capable of transporting 100 people to the surface of the red planet, could …

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Space X wants to get back on the horse by November


Space X has announced its intention to begin Falcon 9 rocket launches again as soon as November this year. This news comes after a recent catastrophe that saw one of the rockets explode on the Cape Canaveral launch pad, taking with it a $200 million Facebook owned satellite, as well …

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NASA year long Mars habitation study concluded


A study that lasted a whole year to see how astronauts might deal with the difficulties of living in confined conditions with each other to simulate a round trip to Mars, has concluded in Hawaii. The study saw six scientists living together inside a specially built habitat for the full …

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Forget the test track, Dubai wants a Hyperloop now


The construction of a real world Hyperloop, that is a 700MPH+ levitated train built inside a near-vacuum tube for reduced air resistance, could happen sooner than we expected in Dubai. The country is looking to improve its infrastructure and has gotten in touch with developing company, Hyperloop One, to discuss …

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Space X does it again, nails fifth booster landing


Space X continues to prove that its first stage recovery system for its Falcon 9 rocket launch, is a winning formula, as once again it has managed to return that booster to Earth via its drone barge. It successfully landed back home early Sunday morning, right after launching its satellite payload into orbit. …

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Would you want a Space X landing pad near you?

Space X is looking to build two new landing pads at the Cape Canaveral Air Force base in California, so that it can attempt to land all three Falcon 9 rockets used to make up a Falcon Heavy launch. However, it needs to receive approval first and as part of …

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Blue Origin can land safely with a failed parachute


Travelling into space, even for a few minutes, is incredibly dangerous. There is the lack of oxygen to consider, radiation from the sun and if you’re returning to Earth, extreme speed and heat too. Fortunately then if you took Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin craft beyond our atmosphere, you’d be safe …

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Germany tastes victory in robot world cup


Although the fate of Germany in this year’s European Championship is still set to be decided, the German robot football team’s is far more certain: they are the champions. The American team opposite them in the finals put up a good fight, but when it came down to penalties, the …

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Space X on track for first manned ISS run in 2017

Space X has hit a major new mile stone and for once it has nothing to do with it landing a Falcon 9 rocket on a barge. NASA has ordered the commercial space venture to fly some of its astronauts to the International Space Centre, marking the first time that Space …

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