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Windows 8 sales are disappointing

We are hearing from local dealers in the United Kingdom that Windows 8 sales are not as strong as expected. This verifies the news earlier this week that American retail tech giant Newegg have said that Windows 8 sales are ‘slow going’. Our reports from various sources in the United …

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Wii U error code 150-1093 fix

Many Wii U customers are reporting some problems with their shiny new console. Games were freezing when being loaded with a confusing error and a machine unable to play the game. Nintendo support have answered the problems explaining the weird error code number. When you try to load a game …

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The Wii U, is it for you?

The Wii U has been reviewed by some publications across the net, but is it something you will want? Many people are yet unsure of what is ‘under the hood’, so first, lets list the specifications: IBM Power-based multi-core processor AMD Radeon-based High Definition GPU 8GB/32GB storage options 1080p video …

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‘Journey’ leading Spike Video Game Awards nominees

The downloadable game ‘Journey’ is leading the pack of nominees for this year’s Spike Video Game Awards. The Playstation 3 game has received many accolades since it was released and it has been nominated in several categories including those for graphics, independent game, game of the year and original score. …

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Every Wii U will need an external hard drive


Now that we know Nintendo’s basic Wii U save data allocation, user profiles and system data, will all add up to over 4GB, it’s looking like even those with the Premium console will need an external hard drive if they want to download more than a couple of games. Of …

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New GTA V trailer now available

The new trailer for GTA V has been released, showing a lot. I won’t spoil or discuss any of it before you’ve had a chance to watch this one, as it’s a good one: [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vzue74y7A84′] So for those skipping ahead a little, from here on in, there’s SPOILERS, understand? This …

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Skype exploit lets you steal anyone’s account

Hack Any Account

Update: Skype has now disabled the password reset link, though there is another one that’s supposedly active. Original Story: A new exploit for VOIP software client, Skype, has been discovered that has the potential to allow anyone to steal anyone else’s account, if they have the person’s login email. Fortunately …

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Windows 8 gaming – no faster than Windows 7

Windows 8 hasn’t received the welcome that Microsoft would have hoped, even though sales seem quite good so far. We have been hearing that Windows 8 is a great operating system for gaming however so far it doesn’t seem to have brought any radical improvements. Our friends over at Hardware.info …

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GTA 5 unveiling tells us a lot

Game Informer

GTA 5 had its big debut yesterday, with a lot of new information coming out in the latest issue of Game Informer. Dan Houser, one of the co-founders of the GTA series, Dan Houser, explained that the new game would involve heists, multiple playable characters and that each of them …

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Videogame sales drop in October by 25%

The American gaming market isn’t looking too healthy, as software sales have dropped by a whopping 25% in October compared to the same month a year before. Data from the NPD Group was released late on Thursday which highlights the concerning drop. Hardware sales are also said to have dropped …

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Razer responds to Naga mouse DRM problems

Razer Naga

You might think that when you spend over £50 on a mouse, that you’ll be getting something a bit special. It usually gives you extra features like more buttons, higher build quality and often some impressive backend software to play with. Not in the case of Razer Naga owners, who …

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EA adding Twitch streaming to Origin

Origin Broadcast

In an update that is due for release next week, EA has announced that it will be adding Twitch streaming to its Origin games platform, allowing players to easily share their in-game footage live, with viewers around the world. Apparently it’ll be a relatively simply thing to activate too. All …

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No Halo 4 on PC

Halo 4

Halo 4 will not be coming to the PC platform, Microsoft has confirmed, stating that it was designed from the ground up as an Xbox 360 title and that’s where it would stay. “Halo 4 was designed specifically for Xbox 360, and while we’re always exploring new ways to expand …

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Final version of Opera 12.10 for desktop released

Today’s web surfers aren’t content just to visit websites to look at cute cat and puppy pictures. Sure, few can resist surfing for cute cat pictures and constantly checking out the latest news, but sometimes plain old browsing isn’t enough. You want more relevant content, faster, and preferably without having …

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Playstation 3 may go on sale in China

For a Westerner it may seem bizarre, but unless you get hold of a grey market import, Consoles are banned from sale in China, since 2000. Sony however may be about to make a landmark move. A report on TechInAsia has highlighted that Sony have received approval for the China …

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Hacker defaces NBC and Lady Gaga websites

A hacker who calls himself ‘pyknic’ has taken credit for defacing some websites belonging to NBC as well as a Lady Gaga website. People who visited the sites yesterday were presented with a message which referenced the failed assassination against King James I of England and King James VI of …

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In Russia, cyber crime is cheap


Whether you’re looking to hire a hacker for an hour, or have someone spammed, maybe you want a botnet of your very own, or a trojan that lets you take over a particular computer? All of this can be had for at most, a few hundred pounds – all you …

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