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Vote for your game of the year!

My good friend Terry Makedon is running a PC game of the year poll on his excellent website which deals with music, movies and culture in Canada. Terry says “What is the best PC game of 2012? Simple – it is the one that gamers vote as their favorite. I …

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Hacker marketplace plundered… by hackers


ExploitHub, a site that offers code that takes advantage of software vulnerabilities for a small fee, has found itself hacked, with a large database of its marketable software made available for free in a site dump. Initially, the site’s admins claimed that merely a message board discussion database had been …

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Bioshock Infinite will have reversible cover art

Bioshock Infinite

After the controversy surrounding the recent unveiling of the lacklustre and pretty generic box art for Bioshock Infinite, Irrational Games has announced that when the game is released, it will come with a reversible cover so gamers have a choice. And it won’t be Irrational choosing it. Co-founder Ken Levine, …

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Facebook help FBI arrest 10 for botnet crimes

The FBI have arrested 10 people who are associated with a crime ring. They made the announcement and said that malware had infected 11 million computer systems and caused more than $850 million in losses. “The Department of Justice and the FBI, along with international law enforcement partners, announced the …

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Using IE? Hackers may be able to track your mouse

While this isn’t necessarily a vulnerability that could cause problems for the average user, those that make use of virtual keyboards – perhaps those with physical disabilities – are at risk thanks to a vulnerability in the Internet Explorer browser, making it possible for a nefarious few to track mouse …

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THQ Humble Bundle could be most profitable ever

Humble THQ Bundle

Despite the furore that appeared shortly after the Humble Bundle announced its partnership with financially wobbly publisher THQ, it looks like it’s going to be the most profitable bundle ever, with just under 12 hours to go to raise the last $300,000. The current record holder for most profitable Humble …

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Xbox World unveils top changes with Xbox 720

Xbox World

While it’s set to close its doors after just one more issue – which goes on sale tomorrow – Xbox World has once again come forward with a lot of big details about Microsoft’s next generation Durango/Xbox 720 console. So what are we looking at with a next-gen machine? Xbox …

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Pokédex app makes the iPad seem worth it


Almost. While it doesn’t go quite as far as to slap a pokéball in your hand and send you off on your journey to fame and fortune, the official pokédex application comes about as close to it as is possible. Available now outside of Japan for the first time, on …

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Password security, you should care!

For the last couple of weeks, I have been getting many calls from friends and family members about their computers giving problems. This is nothing unusual, but I have been noticing a plethora of security issues on the computers I have been fixing. One of the computers I have to …

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League of Legends coming to Steam?


League of Legends has been making a lot of journalistic waves in the past few days, with the biggest focus on the removal and crack down on trolls. However the big rumour today is that the world’s most popular game could be coming to Steam. The hints come from entries …

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Riot looking into anti-troll psychology

Troll Hunter

While Riot might be coming right off the back of its banning of a pro League of Legends player, it’s still hot at work on figuring out the best way to combat one of the game’s big problems: the persistence of negative and trolling players. MOBA titles have a reputation for having …

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Now that’s how you play a board game, online

Wolfire Games, the original creators of the Humble Bundle indi funding initiative, has released a new game that shows just how board games should be played online: with far less rules and real time players. One of the problems with online board gaming – and card games to a similar …

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Wii U needs a fix to access the web and hit sales targets

While Sony and Microsoft prepare to increase the realism on the next generation of sitting-room based consoles, Nintendo has always focused more on playability. As the Wii U lands in British stores, KitGuru assesses the unit shipments required for this new box to be a success. We asked around the …

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Windows 8 supports most GoG titles


We’ve posted a lot of hate here for Microsoft’s latest Windows operating system in the past few weeks, about sales numbers, how some people think its misguided, that it’s not that fast for gaming – and of course there’s been talk from Gabe Newell and Markus Persson about how it’s …

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Nintendo Wii U ‘selling out immediately’

Nintendo said yesterday that they had sold 400,000 Wii U game consoles in the first week of sales. This number is lower than the 600,000 Wii consoles sold in the first week of availability when it originally launched. The President of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime spoke in an interview with …

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The sound system in a jacket

A jacket with built in headphones, speakers and control system that allows wearers to skip, pause, play music as well as answer and hang up calls has been launched at Debenhams today (18 November 2012), just in time for Christmas. The coat – a world first –  is designed by …

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Microsoft planning a low cost Xbox TV console?

Rumors are circulating behind the scenes that Microsoft may be planning a low cost Xbox based console for the TV. An insider confirmed to Kitguru this morning that it could very well happen in 2013. Additionally, news from The Verge yesterday said that “multiple sources familiar with Redmond’s plans’ were …

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Friday’s nostalgia Kick…starter: Dizzy Returns

Dizzy Returns

While this sort of piece normally belongs in the games section of KitGuru, it’s hard to resist when some of your earliest gaming memories come back in full Kickstarter style. Dizzy Returns has been announced by the Oliver twins, the original creative minds behind the boxing gloved handed, egg shelled …

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