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You can update your Bioshock games to HD for free

With the upcoming release of Bioshock: The Collection Remastered, gamers around the world will have a chance to play through the Bioshock trilogy with much prettier textures and models than they originally released with. That includes those who already own the games, as 2K is releasing it as a free …

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Bioshock for iOS will be coming back after all

Yesterday it came to light that Bioshock for iOS had been de-listed from the Apple App Store and those who paid for it could not actually download it again. The game had remained unsupported since iOS 8.4, despite 2K saying that it would update the game. It looked like Bioshock …

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2K teases ‘perfect world’ future in Advent

The future world of Advent is a perfect one, or at least, thanks to ADVENT technology, it nearly is. Due to gene therapy, it’s said that disease and illness are all but eradicated, but not all is well in this idyllic future setting. The spit and polish appears to be …

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Evolve’s day one patch will be 3GB plus

It should come as no surprise that Turtle Rock’s upcoming monster hunting cat and mouse title, Evolve, was going to have a big day one patch. We heard that the game had gone gold in early January, just over a week before the big Beta test that saw Xbox One, PC …

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Evolve has a match-3 companion app

If you thought match-3 like games died back when we were playing Columns on the Megadrive, or when Popcap released Bejeweled in 2001, the last few years have no doubt been somewhat of a surprise for you. Apparently nobody is sick of the medium, as Candy Crush Saga and all …

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Evolve dev addresses some DLC concerns

The Evolve Big Alpha last year and the Beta this weekend just gone, both went down pretty well with fans. While there are some concerns about longevity thanks to Titanfall’s drop off, for the most part people really enjoy jet-packing and stomping around jungles and deserts, hunting one another down …

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Sid Meier goes beyond space, to Starships


Sid Meier is apparently not happy with just going beyond earth and will soon be launching an all out assault on the stars, with 2K and Firaxis announcing their new game, Sid Meier’s Starships. Taking to space with a new interstellar strategy game that is set in the same universe as Civilization: Beyond Earth, it should …

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