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Paramount claims to own the Klingon language

Can you own a language? That might seem like a bizarre question to ask but it’s one that lawyers will have to figure out the answer to, as it’s become rather important in the case of Paramount Pictures vs a crowd-funded team, who want to make a Star Trek spin-off. They …

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Apple faces patent lawsuit in China

Apple is currently facing a pretty big lawsuit in China. One company, known as BYD, filed two separate suits back in May of this year, claiming that the antenna on the iPhone 6 and some other products in Apple’s lineup may infringe on its own patents. BYD has also listed …

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Troll killer breaks down how to slay the IP beast

Patent, copyright and IP infringement is a major problem in today’s society, but abuse of the systems designed to protect against them is almost worse. While Samsung and Apple might love spending millions in legal fees just to rub each other’s nose in the dirt for a few days, there are …

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Crytek still owns the Timesplitters IP

While it’s not clear whether or not the Crytek UK studio is still open, we do know that the team that had previously developed Timesplitters and is currently working on Homefront: The Revolution now works for Dambuster Studios. However, it seems that the ex Crytek UK team isn’t going to …

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Australian accused of LoL hacking, selling player data

After six months of investigation, in a joint effort between local police forces, the FBI and Riot games, a 21 year old Australian man has been charged with hacking into online MOBA League of Legends and selling player data to other nefarious individuals. Shane Duffy purportedly stole player IP addresses …

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Copyright law isn’t totally depressing

The internet has given us a lot of great things. We have instant communication with people on the other side of the planet, endless amounts of (mostly) watchable media content, up-to-the-minute news and even methods of circumventing dictator crack downs on expression, that have ended up aiding revolutions. But one …

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