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Kodi piracy boxes prompt investigation and consultation by IPO

The UK's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is launching an investigation and consultation on how best to tackle the problem of Kodi boxes, the set-top devices that allow Netflix-like access to pirated content. While a seller of those media streamers was arrested back in 2016, rights holders argue that Kodi piracy …

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Snapchat IPO could see company valued at $25 billion

Snapchat has released details of its plans for its initial public offering (IPO), which if successful as analysts claim, could see it valued at more than $25 billion. This would cement it as one of the world's leading technology firms and provide its founder, Evan Spiegel, with enough funds to …

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Snapchat’s rumoured IPO could value it at $25 billion


Snapchat, the company that turned down three billion dollars in Facebook money just three years ago, is now readying itself for a public offering, which could see the company valued at $25 billion (£20.5 billion). If successful, it would be the biggest tech IPO since Twitter went public in 2013. …

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UK public doesn’t want 10 year piracy prison sentences

The British public has almost unanimously rejected a call from the government to extend the maximum prison sentence for media pirates from two years to ten, following a consultation on the matter. The results suggest that the public just doesn't see piracy in the same way the government does. To …

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Uber makes a huge loss every year

Despite being the crest of a wave of change in the way we get about our roadways, Uber, the app based taxi service which in just a few years has grown to be worth an estimated $50 billion, is said to be a financial sinkhole, losing tens of millions a …

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High court decision makes iTunes illegal in UK

If you've used iTunes CD ripping feature recently, did you know you were breaking the law? If you backed up your PC to a remote cloud platform, did you know you were taking part in an illegal activity? Yes, thanks to a recent overturning of revised copyright legislation by the …

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Jetpacks may be reality soon too

This year has been an exciting one for technology. We've seen much more realistic virtual reality in the guise of the DK2, we've seen maglev-technology hoverboards and now we might be set to (finally) get access to jetpacks. The New Zealand company behind the technology, Martin Aircraft, isn't just showing off …

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Paypal to become separate, publicly traded business

Paypal and Ebay have been joined at the hip for years now, in terms of official paperwork and in the eyes of the public, after the auction site bought out the payment provider in the early 00's. However that relationship is now set to change a little, as Paypal is …

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GoPro goes public, share value skyrockets

GoPro, the makers of lightweight, rugged, action orientated video cameras went public yesterday, with just under 18 million shares being sold by the company and stockholders at $24 a piece. This IPO led to over $427 million being raised in a single day, bumping up the average share price and …

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Dotcom’s Mega seeking CFO before IPO

Dotcom Zoo

Kim Dotcom's file locker sequel to Megaupload, Mega, is now looking for a chief financial officer ahead of an intended public offering of the company. The hiree will be in charge of readying the firm for its flotation. Announced by Dotcom just a few hours ago via his twitter feed, …

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PC Partner prepares to float on stock exchange?

Floating a company onto the stock exchange is a great way to evolve. Not only does it bring in a huge amount of investment, it also ensures that the original founders finally get paid for all their initial work. China is full of massive companies that are privately owned. One …

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