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AMD shows off next-generation Opteron X “Berlin” APU in action

Advanced Micro Devices this week demonstrated its next-generation AMD Opteron X-series accelerated processing unit code-named “Berlin” running Fedora Linux operating system. The new APU is projected to significantly boost performance of servers running APUs and bring heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) capabilities to servers. AMD Opteron X-series “Berlin” APU in many …

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ASRock Z87 Extreme11/ac Motherboard Review

The 4770K offers quite possibly the highest per-clock performance numbers of any consumer-grade processor currently on the market. It’s just that fact which makes Haswell’s multiplier-unlocked Core i7 a plausible option for workstation applications. And with that possible usage scenario comes the requirement for workstation-grade LGA 1150 motherboards. Is ASRock’s …

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DDOS attacks in movies should look like this

One of the problems with movies is that while they can show us breathtaking beauty, action and philosophy  when it comes to technology, it needs to keep things simple enough for everyone to understand. But beyond that, it needs to be entertaining. That’s why with every single hacking movie ever, we …

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First Pirate Bay server becomes museum exhibit


The Computer Museum in Linköping has continued to expand its exhibition on the past 50 years of file sharing by showing off the first ever Pirate Bay server. It’s a pretty unremarkable looking PC base case filled with simple hardware, but what it represents to the online world is huge. …

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TonidoPlug 2 Small Home Server Review

Media and enthusiast-servers are growing in popularity as more people realise the benefits within a home environment; after all numerous computer systems, tablets, televisions and phones can be utilised in accessing media files. Media servers allow people to have media stored in one area which can then be streamed to …

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Dell ramps up 15 watt ARM multi-core servers

Go back far enough, and servers were mini-computers or even mainframes. Even something as humble as a 200MB hard drive was the size of a washing machine and it would thud and thunk as the read/write head flew across a massive spinning disk. Then came Apricot’s 486 servers and things …

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SeaMicro’s new low power server has 512 Atom cores

SeaMicro today announced a new low power server which contains 256 of Intel’s Atom N570 dual core processors. The new SM10000-64 has 512 Atom processing cores which operate at 1.66ghz, which when combined deliver 850GHZ of processing power. Intel’s low power Atom processors are generally used in netbooks and low …

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