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Tribler anonymises users with built-in Tor network

The developers for the decentralised torrent client, Tribler, have released a new update to help improve the digital security and privacy of its user base, by making them all anonymous and untrackable thanks to an implementation of the Tor browser network into the client. Traditionally, and with almost all other …

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Torrent search giant encrypts visitor information

Kickasstorrents, one of the world’s largest torrent search sites, has announced that it is now forcing SSL encryption for all visitors, meaning that it’s now much, much harder for internet service providers, copyright lobby groups and any government agencies to snoop on the downloading habits of visitors. There are other …

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Expendables 3 is disappearing from torrent sites

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about online movie piracy, is that once a file is out there, it’s impossible to remove. Pirates and the people behind torrent sites are often tenacious, only responding or complying with the strictest of court orders, but with the recent leak of the Expendables …

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Torrent streaming now possible on Apple TV

Despite being a decade plus old technology, torrents are still one of the most popular ways to share pirated copies of movies and TV shows, but in recent years, thanks to influences from popular streaming services like Netflix, torrents have too entered the streaming game. That’s often something handled by …

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More torrent proxies blocked by UK ISPs

Following on from yesterday’s news that Dutch ISPs Ziggo and XS4All were entering their third year of fighting lobby groups in courts, comes the news that British ISPs have blocked a bunch of extra torrent site proxies which have sprung up in the wake of their initial blocks. This happens …

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Dallas Buyers Club producers target pirates with lawsuits

Ignoring the new trend among lobby groups and movie studios to go after ISPs and hosting companies to take down websites, the producers behind the Dallas Buyers Club are following in the footsteps of Hurt Locker producers and have begun sending out threatening letters to individuals they believe downloaded the …

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RIAA revenue just bottomed out

The Recording Industry Association of America draws its funding from membership fees, paid to the the copyright lobby group to help it police the music industry. Unfortunately for those involved with it however, it seems that the group is continuing to lose members left and right as once again its …

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Torrentz.eu is back, just one day after domain takedown

Yesterday saw the internet hold their hands over their hearts and bow their heads in remembrance, as Torrentz.eu, one of Europe’s biggest torrent search sites was downed by a request to its Polish domain registrar from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). However, just 24 hours later, the site …

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Pirate Bay censoring continues in France

The Pirate Bay is one of those dogs that not matter how many times you kick it, it just won’t stay down. Despite its owners being in jail, its servers raided at times and massive studio funded lobby groups the world over gunning to take it down, it’s still alive …

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EU and US encrypted internet traffic booming

It was bound to happen in the wake of the Snowden revelations last year, that let us all know just how much our goverments and others were keeping tabs on us, but we’re only starting to see the data for the trend shift now. In a report by Sandvine, encrypted …

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Microsoft employees blocked from reading about piracy

If you’re working at Microsoft at the moment, it’s questionable whether you’ll be able to read this story at all, just because it mentions piracy. At least that’s what’s happening with TorrentFreak, which has been informed by a secretive Microsoft employee, that visiting its torrent news site shows up a …

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EasyDNS fights copyright lobbyists all the way and wins

With ISPs all over the world (and especially in the UK) rolling over at the merest hint of copyright infringement, Google removing ownership from Youtube videos with just a sniff of a copyright protected song and Pirate Bay domains being taken down almost daily at this point, it’s rare to …

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FACT is blackmailing a Dutch ISP with money laundering

British arm of the Motion Picture Association of America, FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft), has taken a step beyond lobbying to have sites blocked and sending out legal threats to consumers, now it’s trying to blackmail a Dutch ISP into shutting down a torrent website by threatening it with a …

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Pirate Bay hop skips back to Swedish domain

The Pirate Bay has been playing a game of hopscotch for the past week as it changed domains multiple times, moving initially when its .SX domain was shutdown/seized, heading to Ascension Island’s .AC, then to Peru and Guyana now back to Sweden with the .SE domain it used back in …

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Pointless site blocking continues in the UK

‘Quick, look like you’re busy,’ continues to be the unspoken rule over at media lobbyists like Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) which has continued alongside the BPI to have websites blocked in the UK, because of their links with pirated content – despite the fact that all evidence suggests that …

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BPI just blocked another load of torrent sites

It seems like every few months I write one of these pieces. Back in May I wrote about how the BPI was “still,” having torrent and download sites blocked by British ISPs, despite the fact that we all know it does diddly squat to those sites’ usage numbers and if …

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Isohunt hit by extended downtime

Isohunt.com is one of the biggest torrent search sites around and it’s been that way since its creation just over ten years ago. Today though, it’s had fans worried as since the early hours of this morning, it’s not been accessible – no 404, no nothing. Don’t worry though, it’s …

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uTorrent is generating a lot of ad impressions

When uTorrent‘s parent company, BitTorrent Inc. announced that it would be adding banner like adverts to its torrent client, there was some measure of outcry from users. Not that much though and it shows, as most haven’t turned off the optional feature or used an older version. So much so …

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UK High Court rules ISPs must block more torrent sites


While we’ve known this was likely to happen for some time, it’s only today that the High Court has officially made its ruling: torrent search sites Fenopy, Kickass Torrents and H33T, must be blocked by all major ISPs thanks to pressure from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). The BPI has …

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Pirate Bay emigrates, becomes Hydra Bay


The Pirate Bay has been one of Sweden’s most defining features throughout the 21st century so far, but that will no longer be the case, as the torrent search site has hitched up its socks and left its native shores for pastures green – and ones less filled with copyright …

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Bitgamer torrent tracker shuts down


One of the world’s most popular private Bittorrent trackers has closed its doors, bringing an end to a six year career in game sharing and leaving behind it over 65,000 active users that are no doubt spending the early days of 2013 trying to find a decent replacement. The reason …

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BitTorrent teams up with author for promotion

Tim Ferriss

BitTorrent Inc has announced that it is joining forces with author Tim Ferriss in order to promote his new book, off the back of US book retailers stating that they wouldn’t sell anything that was published through Amazon. Unfortunately for Mr Ferris, that’s where his latest book, “The 4-Hour Chef,” …

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Demonoid is back


It’s been down for over three months, prompting many to believe it had disappeared for good. However, today Demonoid, one of the world’s biggest name torrent trackers is online once again, though the Demonoid domain still remains inactive. The last quarter of a year has not been easy for Demonoid or its …

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UK government to investigate Google over piracy link removal


While that headline might sound like the British government is doing something noble, by cracking down on evil Google’s practices, it’s actually the other way around. Despite the search giant’s removal of many millions of links that sent users through to websites that facilitated piracy, it apparently isn’t doing enough and now …

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