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New Wii U bundles coming to the UK

We can all agree the Wii U is the underdog of the “next” generation. It came out a year early and for the longest time some people didn’t know it existed, others thought it was just a new Wii and others were waiting for the game library to improve. To …

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Who wants Mario and Luigi themed Wiimotes?

I do, I do! My wife will too, for sure. Granted it doesn’t come down to much more than painting them red or green and sticking a M or L over the speaker port, but this is something Nintendo should have been doing for a long time. Announced yesterday as …

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Nintendo Direct announcements

Nintendo held a direct conference today, showing off some new games and updates for the Wii U and 3DS. The stream lasted about 30 minutes showing off trailers for all of the new games announced and some game-play. First up on the agenda were the Wii U announcements, starting off …

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Nintendo Wii U sales are still awful

Poor Nintendo. Its “next-gen” system has had a horrible start, despite having a year lead in on both Microsoft and Sony’s systems. New figures announced during Nintendo’s quarterly earnings report, suggest that worldwide, it only sold 160,000 of the machines between April and June this year. Game sales were a …

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Nintendo loses court case to acquire WiiU.com

Well at least we now know why Nintendo’s latest console release hasn’t been selling well: Nintendo doesn’t have a decent official URL. It tried, oh Nintendo tried, but the courts decided that it wasn’t deserving of being given the site just like that. Now with its appeal denied, Nintendo will …

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Satoru Iwata on Wii U sales: my bad

Nintendo’s CEO, Satoru Iwata, has said that it’s Nintendo’s fault that the Wii U isn’t selling well, mainly because the company didn’t market it well enough and that ultimately a lot of the console’s audience, is still confused about the relatively new console. This is something we’ve talked about here …

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Nintendo to continue selling Wii U basic

“Well, why not?” you might be asking yourself, and it’s a good question. 1: Because there’s a big rumour going around that GameStop in America is going to stop selling it, because nobody is buying it,  and 2: Because nobody is buying it. To make sure that the cut price, …

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Nintendo to release official Wii-mote charge pack

Nintendo has announced a new rechargeable pack for its Wii-mote controllers – as if there weren’t enough of those out there already – with a quick-charge function, that should see you gaming for a full hour off just a ten minute charge time. Currently listed at 4200 Yen (£27.5), the …

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Rumour: Wii U still selling really badly

It looks like according to one analyst at least, the Wii U is still selling incredibly poorly. To put it in perspective, it was outsold by the Xbox 360, PS3, and the previous generation’s Wii, throughout the whole of April. The numbers paint a more detailed picture, though hardly an …

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Nintendo doing things a little different at E3

By… not doing things at E3. This is of course not too much of a surprise, as Nintendo did tell us it wouldn’t be doing a big reveal at this year’s E3 and would instead by hosting a lot of smaller events, but this one is a pretty smart one. …

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Now everyone is selling the Wii U for £149

Yesterday we reported on how once again, ASDA was leading the way in Wii U price cuts,bringing it down to an impressively low £149.99 for the basic pack and £199.99 for the premium pack. Now everyone else has followed suit, with other big retailers dropping their prices in line with …

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ASDA drops Wii U pricing to £149/£199

ASDA has announced new price cuts for Wii U hardware and accessories, bringing the basic and premium packs down to £149.99 and £199.99 respectively. Controllers are also slashed by a third, bringing them to just over £26 and several games have been reduced too. This price drop makes ASDA the cheapest place …

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Nintendo not holding conference at E3

Nintendo has announced that it has no plans to run a press conference this year at the E3 expo, despite it being one of the biggest public outings for gaming firms this year. This is counter to the usual trend of a Tuesday showing off of new Nintendo hardware and …

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Miiverse inflating into PC and 3DS space


Nintendo’s Miiverse, the social networking hub of its poorly selling console, the Wii U, is set to expand its influence to include both PC and smartphone platforms, with Nintendo looking to debut the latter of those two systems sometime between April and May. Initially the functionality won’t be great, with …

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Upcoming Wii U update will cut loads times

Due for release in April, a Wii U firmware update from Nintendo is set to cut loading times down by a significant margin. To showcase this, Nintendo released a short video that shows how much quicker the Wii U is able to get back to the main menu when leaving …

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What’s cool about the Wii U? It plays Wii U games.

Why Wii U

This is one of Nintendo’s big selling points, that it’s hoping will help turn the tide of very sub-par sales of its new console, with new marketing information. In it, the Japanese firm highlights the differences between the Wii and the Wii U and would you believe it, the Wii …

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Two other games not coming to Wii U


The Wii U’s future as one of the main consoles available for consumers is really not looking good. Not even taking into consideration the fact that many consumers confuse it with its predecessor, its price is already dropping because of poor sales – and another developer has announced its upcoming …

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Wii U has worst US console sales in two generations


Despite Nintendo’s bosses putting a brave face on things, all is not well with Wii U sales numbers. According to a new report, in the US, only 64,000 units were sold throughout the whole of February. Considering the gamepad sporting console hasn’t even been out six months yet, this is …

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Asda and Amazon drop Wii U pricing by £50

Wii U

If Asda was the vanguard of the Wii U price drops, then Amazon was the main. While the supermarket chain might have beaten the online retailer to the punch, dropping its price by £50 before anyone else, Amazon wasn’t far behind, announcing a similar price drop soon after. This means …

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Nintendo has a plan to let home consoles live on


Head at Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has expressed his confusion over the current trend of interest in cloud and mobile gaming and has suggested that going into the future, his company has plans to maintain the current setup of dominant home consoles. The big idea, is to universalise Nintendo software across …

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Homebrew Wii U channel now available


Well that didn’t take long. In just over three weeks, the team behind the HomeBrew Wii channel have managed to get it working on the Wii U. It wasn’t easy though, as Nintendo closed up the hole used to hack apart the original Wii. According to the release info of the …

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German law responsible for Wii U watershed

ZombiU Block

Last week we reported on how Nintendo was restricting its Eshop in the EU, making it impossible for anyone to access information, purchase options or trailers of 18+ rated games, unless they visited between 11PM and 3AM. Now Nintendo has explained why and it’s because of a single German law. …

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Nintendo partners with HMV for Wii U UK launch

WiiU Launch

Nintendo has announced that when its new console, the Wii U, launches in the UK, it will be at a partnered HMV store on London’s Oxford Street. It will officially begin at 12am, but doors will actually open an hour before, with the first 100 people awarded a free game. …

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Wii U dissected, innards pictured

Wii U Chip

With the Wii U now available in the US, we can finally get a look at its innards. Some of the details emerging confirm that it has 2GB of RAM in four separate 512MB chips, that the AMD GPU core is built on 40nm technology and the IBM CPU is based on …

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Every Wii U will need an external hard drive


Now that we know Nintendo’s basic Wii U save data allocation, user profiles and system data, will all add up to over 4GB, it’s looking like even those with the Premium console will need an external hard drive if they want to download more than a couple of games. Of …

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