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Firefox to block almost all Web Browser plug-ins

Firefox maker Mozilla have announced that the browser will soon block all browser plug-ins except Adobe Flash Player by default. Michael Coates, Mozilla director of security assurance spoke out in a blog posting “One of the most common exploitation vectors against users is drive-by exploitation of vulnerable plug-ins.” He added …

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Tumblr add mature rating to iOS application

Tumblr are trying to avoid the same problem that has plagued the Twitter Vine App. The company has included a 17 and over age warning for their iOS application, this will be seen by a new user and anyone who updates the software to version 3.2.4, released last night. Tumblr …

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Steam user base is still growing, fast

Steam Stats

While many might look at Steam as the default platform for gaming on the PC, it obviously hasn’t got everyone on board yet, as its user base is growing all the time and according to new statistics, that growth is accelerating too. Back in January last year, Steam had a …

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China may lift a decade long ban on consoles

China are considering removing a decade long ban on the sale of consoles on home territory. The official China Daily newspaper has published an article today which has sent shares of the major console players soaring. We reported back in November last year that the Playstation 3 had received a …

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Microsoft Windows division up 24% on year

Microsoft are proudly reported their revenue for the second quarter of their 2013 financial year. Company performance is strong in all areas however the Windows division is the big talking point, showing 24 percent year on year growth. Revenue was £13,580 billion, an increase of 3 percent on the same …

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PS4 specs leaked

It was only a few days ago that we heard what the guts of the Xbox 720 will be like and now we’re getting a taste of its main competitor the PS4, with a purported leak that gives us a run down of what we can expect inside Sony’s next-gen …

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Let’s get the elderly gaming

For a long time, gaming has been considered a pursuit of the young. Whether you were part of the original generations of growing-up gamers that had an Atari of some kind, or early PCs, whether your parents bought you a NES or a PS1, you were a child gamer. It’s …

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How fast will Sky Go eat your data plan?

For anyone with an iPad and Sky, last night was really fun. Sky’s programming team forced through an update, which didn’t work, and services across the land were severely disrupted. One reader send us an interesting screen grab and we’d like to share the contents with you. Sky Go runs …

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DmC: Devil May Cry Review (PS3)

Kitguru gaming writer Matthew Vicente has just beaten the new Devil May Cry title on the Playstation 3. There has been a lot of criticism for this game before it was released. Some fans of the original titles have been crying foul at the redesign of Dante and anything else …

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War For The Overworld gets Greenlight approval


Our pals from Subterranean games have been given another boon in their development of a spiritual sequel/remake of Dungeon Keeper, as War For The Overworld has now been Greenlit by the Steam community, meaning once it’s ready – likely on the promised 30th August date – then it will be …

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‘Infinity’ cross platform launched by Disney

Capt. Jack Sparrow driving Cinderella’s carriage? Sulley from “Monsters Inc.” galloping on Bullseye from “Toy Story”? Those are some silly scenarios that could become a virtual reality with “Disney Infinity,” a Disney endeavor combining a video game with a toy line. The Walt Disney Co. revealed plans Tuesday to launch …

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Russian digital security leak has been ongoing for years


Russian researchers have discovered a piece of malware that is believed to have been consistently leaking confidential documents from embassies, government facilities, nuclear research centres and oil and gas companies for almost half a decade. The malware exploited a bug in government systems that allowed it to recover deleted files …

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Microsoft gives warning to new console makers

Phil Harrison

We’ve talked a lot recently about all of the companies that are looking to get into the console market with small form factor, low cost gaming machines. Whether it’s the Ouya, the Game Stick, Nvidia’s Shield, Valve’s Steam Box, there’s plenty of new players in this game. Microsoft though has …

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Nintendo Wii U sales top 460,000 in December

The latest report from Nintendo shows that total sales for the Wii U in December have topped 460,000 units. Nintendo have generated around $300 million from American sales of the console. Nintendo sold 2.65 million units in December and they also sold 580,000 copies of New Super Mario Bros. U. …

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Sony’s Kazuo Hirai claims console market not going away

Kazuo Hirai

While some people might point at the losses sustained by both Sony and Microsoft with the current generation of consoles, as evidence enough that the market is dying, Sony’s relatively newly appointed CEO, Kazuo Hirai believes otherwise, saying that consoles “aren’t going away any time soon.” Mr Hirai should know …

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Gabe Newell clears up Steam Box confusion

Gabe Newell

Ok so yesterday I might have jumped the gun a bit saying we were looking at “Valve’s console.” It isn’t. Still, it will be part of a new lineup of Steam compatible hardware that are designed as small form factor PCs for gaming in your lounge. Yes I also said …

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First look at Valve’s “console”


It was only yesterday that we heard about Valve’s Linux box coming sometime this year, but it’s today that the world will gets it first official look at CES. However, the boys at Engadget managed to get an early peek at the system, known as “Piston.” Manufactured by Xi3 and …

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Linux Steam Box coming this year

Steam box

We might already have heard from Nvidia about its new Shield console and we certainly know that the Ouya is up and running, but Valve has been relatively quiet about its own console offerings. Now though, according to an engineer at the company, we know it’ll run Linux and that it’ll …

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Wii U sales are ‘steady’

The Wii U has been a ‘steady’ seller according to the end of year reports. Sales however are not as strong as the previous generation of Nintendo console. The Wii U is very important to the Nintendo revenue stream over the coming years, and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata spoke to …

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