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Final version of Opera 12.10 for desktop released

Today’s web surfers aren’t content just to visit websites to look at cute cat and puppy pictures. Sure, few can resist surfing for cute cat pictures and constantly checking out the latest news, but sometimes plain old browsing isn’t enough. You want more relevant content, faster, and preferably without having …

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Playstation 3 may go on sale in China

For a Westerner it may seem bizarre, but unless you get hold of a grey market import, Consoles are banned from sale in China, since 2000. Sony however may be about to make a landmark move. A report on TechInAsia has highlighted that Sony have received approval for the China …

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Hacker defaces NBC and Lady Gaga websites

A hacker who calls himself ‘pyknic’ has taken credit for defacing some websites belonging to NBC as well as a Lady Gaga website. People who visited the sites yesterday were presented with a message which referenced the failed assassination against King James I of England and King James VI of …

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In Russia, cyber crime is cheap


Whether you’re looking to hire a hacker for an hour, or have someone spammed, maybe you want a botnet of your very own, or a trojan that lets you take over a particular computer? All of this can be had for at most, a few hundred pounds – all you …

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343 Industries hits out at Xbox sexism


Two of the developers from 343 Industries, the company behind the upcoming Halo 4, have commented on the level of sexism that occurs regularly on the Xbox Live platform, in what seems like simultaneous personal rejection of the practice, as well as a way of distancing the developer’s products from it. …

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Grand Theft Auto 5: to be biggest in series

Kitguru Gaming has been releasing information on the upcoming GTA5 as we get it, but the announcement yesterday points out that fans are in for a treat. The game, which is now penciled in to arrive next Spring is said to be groundbreaking. Rockstar issued an announcement yesterday saying that …

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Will Furby be the big kids tech-gift for Xmas?

While ‘wee-tee-kah-wah-tee’ won’t mean a great deal to most of you, over 40 million people across the world have a fair chance of knowing that it means, “Sing me a song”. To put that number in perspective, it’s around the same as the number of people on the planet who …

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Microsoft sold 4 million Windows 8 upgrades, says Ballmer

Steve Ballmer

Current CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, has announced that over four million Windows 8 upgrades have been sold already. His follow up statement said that the interest in the new operating system had been “stunning.” This announcement was made at Microsoft’s Build Developer’s conference at the company’s main campus in …

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Increased Hacker Interest in SQL Injection Attacks

Imperva, Inc. today released its October Hacker Intelligence Initiative report, “Monitoring Hacker Forums,” its second annual analysis of a large hacker forum containing roughly 250,000 members. Imperva has detected a black market for social network fraud.  In addition, about one third of discussions in the hacker forum focused on training …

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GTA V delayed for PC?

GTA V Poster

While players of previous generation GTAs will have somewhat expected it, new evidence has appeared that suggests the PC version of Grant Theft Auto 5 will be delayed beyond the release of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. Over at NeoGaff, one of the forum members managed …

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Square Enix is tracking gamers play styles


It’s becoming an increasing trend in gaming, that not only do publishers and developers want you to buy their new releases, but they want to know how you play them. They aren’t asking for that information either, they’re taking it and that’s just what Square Enix has been doing with …

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How many hours went into testing Windows 8?

Windows 8

While I’m sure many of you will immediately jump to the smart ass answer of “not enough,” the actual figure for the man hours put into testing Windows 8 is quite staggering. The one that came out of Microsoft today during its official launch event for the new operating system, …

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First GTA V artwork released


The first artwork for Grand Theft Auto V has been released by Rockstar and true to tradition it’s done in the same cartoonish style we’ve seen in the past. It comes with the promise from the developer that there will be: “lots of info coming next month,” and a warning …

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Asus launches ET2300 All-in-One for Windows 8

While PC users across the globe will be complaining bitterly about the Windows 8 interface change, there’s no doubt that it will work wonders for tablet and other touch screen users. Asus already has a brand new product ready for your special touch. KitGuru gives its dirty fingers a good …

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Would you watch a movie about a video game character?

Of Course

We’ve had movie adaptations of video games before: Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Pokemon, Street Fighter, DOA, Mortal Kombat; and they’re all pretty horrible. However unless you’re a fan of Press Start – and even that’s about a video game-like universe – then you probably haven’t seen a movie about an …

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Weak consoles blamed for stagnantion of gaming market

If there’s one thing making the hardware market stagnate, it’s the gaming console. That’s according to you, the KitGuru reader. Without amazing new games coming through in droves, where’s the drive to buy new hardware? KitGuru’s loyal followers lay the blame at the collective doors of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. …

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8% of Android apps leaking personal details

Scientists have tested 13,500 Android applications and they have found that around 8 percent of them are failing to protect bank account and social media login information. The disturbing findings have highlighted that the software is failing to implement standard protection routines allowing ‘man in the middle’ attacks to reveal …

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Bioshock Infinite gameplay video released

One of the most awaited games – Bioshock Infinite has received a new gameplay trailer which should excite the masses of people who have been waiting patiently for the game to be released. Irrational Games were meant to release this game in October but the game has been delayed to …

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Valve creates Greenlight concept section


Perhaps to counter the fact that many of the first 10 games that the Steam community gave the ‘Greenlight’ to were unfinished, Valve has implemented a split in the way games are shown on the crowd voting platform. Now titles that are finished will have their own sections, while unfinished …

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Kaspersky warns of targeted Cyberbomb MiniFlame threat

Most of KitGuru’s readers are probably not schooled in the whole art of nuclear warfare – which is a good thing. Those who grew up prior to the eighties would have been presented with many documentaries on the threat posed by the USSR and its advanced nuclear weapons programmes. Reading …

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Pirate Party speaks out on Gary McKinnon extradition block


Leader of the UK’s Pirate Party, Loz Kaye, has been speaking out about the extradition of hacker Gary McKinnon, after it was blocked yesterday by home secretary Theresa May. As you might imagine, he’s pleased. “Today’s decision is welcome, if long overdue. It’s frankly a scandal that Gary McKinnon has been …

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