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PS4 could be released in August


PS4 component makers are suggesting the next console from Sony could ship worldwide as early as August, because Sony wants to try and push a huge number of systems by the end of the year – 16 million if it can help it. This all comes from Digitimes sources, who are …

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PETA piggybacks Assassin’s Creed IV news


PETA, the suffragette of the animal rights world, has a history of using videogames as springboards for attention and today its doing it again, by using Assassin’s Creed IV’s suggested whaling mechanic as a method to draw attention to contemporary whaling. “Whaling – that is, shooting whales with harpoons and leaving them …

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Opera for Android launched in beta

Opera browser for Android is now out in a beta version, providing mobile web navigation that is sleeker and easier to use than ever. The completely redesigned Opera for Android is the result of a passion for design combined with 17 years’ worth of know-how and innovation. The web browser …

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Hackers target Czech news media


Hackers hit some of the major news websites in the Czech Republic this morning, bringing many of them to their knees and making most hard, if not impossible to access. These include the country’s biggest news sites: ihned.cz, dnes.cz and novinky.cz. The attacks were nothing out of the ordinary, just …

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Are Infinity Ward set to sell consoles now?

The whole “getting into hardware,” gimmick seems to have become just that for many companies. I appreciate that the likes of Ouya and Nvidia are shaking up the traditional big three dynamic of consoles, but do we really need another? According to a cryptic image posted by Infinity Ward, it …

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You can order a PS4 game now, for £70


Clothing and accessories firm, The Hut, is now offering PS4 pre-orders on its website, for such games as inFamous Second Son, Diablo III, Destiny, Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack – all for the princly price of £69.99. Fortunately a statement has been released by the company, suggesting that these are …

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Evernote reset passwords after hackers steal login info

Evernote, the popular online personal organiser have had to issue a password reset for all their users after hackers penetrated the company’s protection systems and accessed login credentials. The company sent out an email to customers. The Evernote team found out about the attack and subsequently blocked ‘suspicious activity on …

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Ouya shipping at end of month

The Ball

The Ouya is set to begin shipping to Kickstarter backers at the end of March (28th to be precise) meaning that gamers will get their first in-the-wild glimpse of the little Android console that could shake up an industry that has been dominated by the big three for the past …

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China points cyber finger at US

Unit 61398

While we might often hear stories of how the US is being targeted by Chinese hackers, the communist country has now pointed its finger at the US, suggesting most of the attacks against its nation come from the Western one. According to China’s defence ministry, last year nearly 150,000 attacks …

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The War Z is back on Steam


We’ve covered The War Z a few times here at KitGuru, with its lying ways, apologies from major players at the company – which disturbingly still doesn’t have its own website – and eventual removal from Steam for not offering a satisfactory build. Now though, it’s been allowed back and …

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Adobe security updates fix zero day bugs

Everytime I turn on my computer I seem to get another update request for Adobe Flash, as the company seem to be working hard to plug security holes for their ever popular code. February has been a busy month for the update team. The Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team …

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Stuxnet code older than initially thought

Stuxnet is a celebrity among viral code, hitting the headlines some time ago for reportedly hitting an Iranian nuclear facility. A new cyber security report claims it is much older than initially thought. Symantec researchers, one of the firms involved in the initial analysis of the code when it was …

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Queensland now accepting 18+ games


For a long time Australia has been restricted to selling only titles that fall under the 15+ age rating, as there simply wasn’t an 18+ rating to go on. Recently an adult rating was brought in, but Queensland, one of the larger and most populous provinces lagged behind – now …

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PlanetSide 2 EU accounts hacked


If you have an EU account with PlanetSide 2, it might be a good idea to change your login information. While the devs are claiming everything is under control, it appears a nefarious few may have managed to steal email addresses and passwords of some European accounts for the MMO …

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LG buy WebOS for Smart TVs

LG have bought the webOS operating system from Hewlett Packard and will be using it in upcoming television sets, commercial displays and perhaps even cars. They said they won’t be using it in tablets or smartphone however. LG’s CTO Skott Ahn said “The open and transparent webOS technology offers a …

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McAfee proclaim an (almost) end to Botnet malware

McAfee have gathered 113 million core samples of malware signatures in the last year and they are going to use that information into a new software suite using behavioral heuristics in their code to spot unknown samples. The final result could mean that botnets would be defeated, worldwide. Pat Calhoun, …

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