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Atari VCS console to finally begin shipping in October

After plenty of delays, the Atari VCS console is finally ready to begin shipping. The crowdfunded retro-inspired console began development back in 2017 and while there have been complications along the way, backers will start getting the console later this year.  Atari announced that backers will begin getting their VCS …

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Atari throws its hat into wearables with the Speakerhat

Atari is attempting to get back in the game with its upcoming Ataribox, whatever that may be. While very little information has been released on the console, the company has announced plans of an Atari Speakerhat, allowing wearers to blast music straight from the top of their head. The Atari …

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Atari is all about the reboots: considers Missile Command

If you thought Atari’s attempts to cash in on industry nostalgia and the current survival genre were complete with its reboot of Asteroids as an open world sandbox shooter, think again. On the day when that space-faring survival-sim goes into Early Access, Atari has suggested that this is a new direction …

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700 recovered E.T. games are going to be sold

Last month, the fabled Atari landfill was finally excavated and a Microsoft documentary crew recovered 1300 boxed copies of the failed E.T. game. Since the discovery, it’s been up in the air as to what Microsoft plans to do with the cartridges. However, it has now been revealed that 700 …

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E.T. cartridges found in fabled Atari landfill

The Atari 2600’s movie tie-in game, ET, didn’t go down particularly well with gamers all those years ago and as a result, thousands of copies of the game were dumped in an undisclosed landfill site. Since then people have speculated as to where Atari dumped the games with some rumours …

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