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Kingston DC400 480GB SSD Review


Kingston’s DC400 series are the latest additions to the companies Enterprise range of SSDs and have been designed as entry level drives for data centers. The new drives have been built with read-intensive applications in mind for use in a mixed workload environments. The DC400 treads down a well-worn path …

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Kingston SSDNow KC400 512GB SSD Review


Kingston’s SSDNow KC400 family is part of the company’s business-oriented SSD product line which features end-to-end data path protection, technologies to protect data in the NAND and guard against read errors, as well as good endurance. The SSDNow KC400 uses a combination of an 8-channel Phison PS3110-S10 controller and 15nm …

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Kingston introduces DDR3L memory modules for enthusiasts

Although DDR4 memory provides higher bandwidth than DDR3 and has very high overclocking potential, it is also more expensive than its predecessor. However, Intel Corp.’s latest “Skylake” processors officially support only DDR4 and DDR3L, but not DDR3. For those, who do not want to invest in DDR4 now, Kingston Technology …

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Sales of SSDs increase by 3% in the second quarter

Despite of the fact that sales of personal computers are decreasing, shipments of solid-state drives are rising, according to analysts from TrendFocus. Samsung continues to be the world’s largest supplier of NAND flash memory as well as solid-state drives and it is unlikely that this will change any time soon. Sales …

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Kingston remains world’s No. 1 memory module supplier

The year 2014 was very favourable for producers of dynamic random access memory as well as for makers of various DRAM modules thanks to rather high prices and stable demand for personal computers and other devices. Kingston Technology remained the top producer of memory modules on the planet with nearly …

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Kingston unveils 3GHz 128GB DDR4 memory kit

Kingston Memory has introduced the world’s fastest 128GB DDR4 quad-channel memory kit that is rated to run at 3.0GHz. The kit is designed for high-end workstations based on Intel Corp.’s Core i7-5960X central processing unit. The kit consists of eight 16GB HyperX Predator modules that can run at 3000MHz with …

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Kingston increases investments in SSD controller developer

Kingston Technology, a leading manufacturer of memory modules, solid-state drives and other memory products, recently increased its stake in Phison, an independent designer of NAND flash controllers. The investment will help Phison to fund development of SSD controllers better suited for Kingston. Kingston will acquire 10.4 million shares of Phison …

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MSI, Kingston and top overclocker achieve highest DDR4 frequency

A leading professional overclocker has managed to set a new DDR4 clock-rate record using hardware from MicroStar Interational, Kingston and Intel Corp. While overclocking results of contemporary DDR4 memory modules are impressive, when it comes to actual frequency, they are considerably behind DDR3 memory solutions. Toppc, one of the world’s …

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Kinston unveils HyperX PCIe/M.2 SSD with 1.40GB/s read speed

Kingston Technology has introduced its first high-performance solid-state drive for consumers that comes with PCI Express 2.0 x4/M.2 interface. The new HyperX Predator SSDs are designed for performance enthusiasts, but thanks to massive simplicity of its construction, it is possible to expect that the product will not be too expensive. …

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Overclockers UK introduces Renda frequency enhanced workstations

Professional graphics workstations are aimed at creative professionals who are supposed to generate beautiful visuals and inspiring designs. Ironically, virtually all workstations lack any creative touch themselves, whether it is about style or enhancements in terms of performance. Overclockers UK decided to change that with Renda family of workstations. The …

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Overclockers UK delivery to your desk at Insomnia i53

Once thousands of hardcore gamers have entrenched themselves with their clan/mates at a Multiplay event like i53, they really don’t want to move. So what happens if you need a repair, upgrade or gift?  No problem, Overclockers UK have pioneered an effective Delivery to your Desk system – which doubles-up …

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Kingston doubles capacity on a range of products

We all know that technology drives an endless progression of shrinks and optimisations. Normally, the effects are felt gradually over time. But every now and there’s a mini-seismic shift in terms of what’s possible at a specific prince point. KitGuru checks the Richter Scale for evidence of just such a …

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