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PlayStation Now is getting 105 new games to stream

Last year, Sony announced that it was trying to bring backwards compatibility to the PlayStation 4 in a different way, using a cloud gaming service known as PlayStation Now. This service allows PS4 owners to rent and stream older titles to their consoles and now, an influx of 105 games …

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On-Live to shut down, Sony acquires patents

On-Live has been struggling ever since launch, the cloud gaming service never really performed up to par and as a result, most people gave up on the service and the idea of cloud-gaming entirely. Now, the company is finally closing its doors this month and Sony will be picking up …

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Project Morpheus to have a new design at launch

Sony recently revealed its answer to the Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus, at the Game Developers Conference this year. The VR headset featured a pretty good design for a prototype, full 360 degree positional tracking with low latency and a 1080p screen but the standout design might not be staying for …

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