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Qualcomm sampling 24-core ARM processor for servers

Qualcomm has started to sample a new 24-core ARM processor aimed for use in servers and data centres, the company has revealed. The new chip in question is a pre-production system on chip (SoC) based on the ARMv8-A instruction set, which will be purposed for tackling common data centre workloads and …

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U.S. government washes hands of MegaUpload servers

Remember back in January 2012 when MegaUpload was shut down and its servers were seized? The people who were paying customers of the site didn't receive any compensation for that loss and despite many legal efforts by different individuals, nobody has been able to get their files back. It was …

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HTTP/2 is finished and will be coming to your browser soon


The Internet Engineering Task Force has just reached a consensus and finished finalising the next major update, to the HTTP standard that we all use every day. The specification  builds upon and is an alternative to, but does not obsolete, the HTTP/1.1 standard that was first introduced in 1999, that we currently use whenever …

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Microsoft shows off Cloud gaming tech demo

Microsoft has shown off a tech demo for its cloud computing technology at its yearly Build Developers Conference this week. Microsoft has talked about cloud computing and its ability to help systems run games better for some time now but had yet to really show gamers any proof. Titanfall is …

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Megaupload servers wiped in data massacre

A large number of the servers used by Megaupload during its operation to store the data of its customers, have been wiped out by Netherlandic firm, Leaseweb, in a move it said, was to help free up space after it received no interest from either Dotcom or authorities to examine …

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