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Youtube adds more original programming channels


Google has added 60 new channels to Youtube, expanding its push of original programming within the UK, German and French markets. The idea of Youtube’s channels is to make the site more TV like, thereby making adverts and product placement seem more natural on the site – which is traditionally …

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Youtube restore ‘copyright breaking’ Obama music videos

Four Youtube videos were removed earlier this week, apparently due to copyright claims for the music involved. They featured US president Obama singing the opening line of Al Green’s ‘Lets Stay Together’. One of the videos was used by the Mitt Romney Campaign to show the president as ‘too friendly …

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YouTube introduces auto face blurring

YouTube Blur

YouTube has announced new privacy pro feature that allows video uploaders to blur the faces of everyone in a video with just a simple click. According to the blog post detailing the feature, the idea is to allow anonymity for those that need or deserve it. Examples given include children …

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YouTube loses landmark case in Germany

It does not take a genius to know that if you mule drugs within your body and get caught, then you can expect a stiff prison sentence. So far, most of the data carriers around the world have managed to avoid being done by authorities – even when they are …

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YouTube purchase new networks to help video editors

YouTube have purchases Next New Networks to assist contributors in editing and creating video content for publication. Next New Networks is a new laboratory idea to help Youtube users have more creative freedom and the team will be working with a wide variety of content partners and emerging talent to …

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Youtube mobile views triple – causing issues for providers

Google, owner of YouTube has announced statistics which show that mobile viewers tripled by headcount in 2010. Today, they are receiving over 200 million video views a day from mobile devices, with the highest percentage from smartphones. This is a healthy indication of just how many people are using smartphone …

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Youtube Employs Trained Monkeys

KitGuru is an old fart who likes nothing better than watching old Metallica videos while munching breakfast and preparing for a day under the radar of the world’s leading technology companies. Who knew ? Imagine our surprise this morning when tried to go from Enter Sandman at the Freddie Mercury …

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YouTube: 2 billion downloads daily

YouTube made a public announcement stating that they get over two billion hits each day which works out at over twice as many people who watch all three of the biggest US TV networks combined. “I see this great growth opportunity in the online video market and we are positioning …

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