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Overclockers UK delivery to your desk at Insomnia i53

Once thousands of hardcore gamers have entrenched themselves with their clan/mates at a Multiplay event like i53, they really don’t want to move. So what happens if you need a repair, upgrade or gift?  No problem, Overclockers UK have pioneered an effective Delivery to your Desk system – which doubles-up …

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Cooler Master Keyboard Olympics at Multiplay i53

Getting someone to say “I love you” – even if they don’t necessarily mean it – is a pretty decent marketing play. One that Cooler Master had going in full effect up at Multiplay’s Insomnia i53 LAN gaming event at the massive Ricoh Arena in Coventry over the weekend. KitGuru …

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OcUK Forum fires in the tough questions to Richard Huddy

It’s all well and good Richard Huddy, AMD’s Chief Gaming Scientist, answering questions on Mantle, hair follicles and the future of gaming resolutions, what about the tough questions?  Overclockers.co.uk has a pretty active forum – full of hardcore enthusiasts. They wanted Huddy’s reply to some more awkward propositions. Well, here’s the response. Discuss on …

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Kingston doubles capacity on a range of products

We all know that technology drives an endless progression of shrinks and optimisations. Normally, the effects are felt gradually over time. But every now and there’s a mini-seismic shift in terms of what’s possible at a specific prince point. KitGuru checks the Richter Scale for evidence of just such a …

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Sapphire speak to Kitguru TV about custom R9 290X

For every generation of hardware (from nVidia and AMD) there will be a champion-chip – the quickest of its kind, cranked up to the fastest clocks etc. For AMD right now, an overclocked R9 290X is as fast as it gets. KitGuru invited Bill Donnelly from Sapphire into the studio …

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MSI X99 Gaming 9 ACK revealed to KitGuru at Beat IT 2014

The array of mainboard options facing enthusiasts toward the back end of 2014 is nothing short of astonishing. With four mainstream manufacturers vying for position and several chipsets available, everyone is looking for any advantage they can get. KitGuru spies the latest step forward in this competition. For the most …

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