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Games focused PCs that need to deliver the right frame rates. This section focuses more on high-end 3D benchmarks – then the KitGuru tells you what combination is best.

Nvidia updates GPU roadmap: reveals Pascal GPU architecture

Nvidia Corp. on Tuesday publicly updated its graphics processing units roadmap for the coming years. The company removed its code-named Volta architecture from the plan and introduced Pascal architecture instead. The latter is believed to feature similar innovations to Volta, but to be even more significantly tailored for low power …

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Somebody please help Razer make Project Christine

Razer has always been known for pushing the boundaries of peripherals, by gunning for high end optical and laser sensors and coating their creations in beautifully soft rubber, but when it comes to reinventing the wheel that is the desktop, nobody wants to help it out. But somebody should, because …

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Intel pulls-in launch of Core i7 Extreme ‘Haswell-E’ 5000 to Q2

Intel Corp. has decided to speed up introduction of its next-generation microprocessors and platforms designed for enthusiasts who demand maximum performance. The new Core i7 Extreme “Haswell-E” chips along with Intel X99-based mainboards will be introduced at Computex Taipei 2014 in early June, several months before planned originally, according to …

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Get free games and in-game currency with Dino PC

As if using anthropomorphic raptors and triceratops for their promotional material wasn’t enough, Dino PC is now looking to coax you into buying a system through it by offering up free games and almost £100 of in-game currency with some popular titles. “Hi.” If you buy any new system from …

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YOYOTech appoints eBuyer as an official reseller

Anyone who has walked around a large electronics reseller like PC World, will have experienced a mixture of disappointment and pity when they check out the desktop system specifications. KitGuru has just received a press release that promises a much better option for those who want an ‘off the shelf’ …

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Dino PC launches new GTX750 based systems

As nVidia rolls out Maxwell in the house, system builders across the globe are moving fast to launch new gaming PCs based on the latest technology from Jen Hsun’s brainchild. Dino PC has just announced a new rig. KitGuru casts a reptilian eye. Based in North London, Dino PC is …

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Microsoft vows stronger support for PC games

Microsoft Corp. has mostly concentrated on Xbox video games throughout the last decade or so. While the software giant has continued to advance DirectX, a multimedia application programming interface for PCs, the first party titles from Microsoft Studios have been designed primarily for the Xbox platform. Nonetheless, Microsoft promises that …

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