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Games focused PCs that need to deliver the right frame rates. This section focuses more on high-end 3D benchmarks – then the KitGuru tells you what combination is best.

Crucial to offer 3GHz DDR4 memory modules later this year

Sometimes in the third quarter of this year Intel Corp. plans to release its next-generation high-end desktop (HEDT) platform code-named “Lituya Bay” based on the code-named “Haswell-E” central processing units that will rely on DDR4 memory to maximize bandwidth. For those, who will want to get some extra performance out …

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12 partners of Valve set to make Steam Machine PCs

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, Valve Software announced 12 partners who will release Steam Machine personal computers with different specifications in the foreseeable future. Thanks to the fact that Valve’s SteamOS operating system is free, expect numerous white-box PC makers to also jump on the bandwagon. The list of …

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YOYOTech XDNA Aurum 24K Images Gallery

The response to KitGuru’s earlier article about YOYOTech’s brand new £8,000 mega box, the XDNA Aurum 24K was really positive. While we can argue about whether any PC can be worth that much money, there’s no doubting the beauty of this hand-crafted monster. You wanted more, so here’s more. While …

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Alienware offering cash for old consoles now too

There’s a lot of people getting excited about the next console generation right now and understandably so; we’re getting very close to the release of both Microsoft and Sony’s new systems. However spending hundreds of pounds on a box that isn’t a PC, doesn’t help companies like Alienware, which is …

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OCUK launches 8pack Infinity systems

8pack is the new darling at OCUK. With his emasculating physique and impressive overclocking skillset, he’s taking the retailer and its customer base by storm. However, his high end systems have also been breaking bank balances and marriages left and right, so Overclockers is now offering something a little more …

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Dino PC Dark Reign Review

Today we are taking a look at Dino PC’s latest offering, the Dark Reign. Built inside a CM 690 III chassis, this system comes equipped with an Intel Core i5 4570k, 8GB Corsair Vengeance memory clocked at 1,600 MHz and a Gigabyte GTX 770. Its £999 price tag even includes …

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Nvidia debuts GeForce GTX Battlebox GPU bundle

Nvidia has just announced a new partnership with its system builders, to provide a standardised gaming PC package packing super high end hardware, offering outstanding performance. Known as the Battlebox™, these bundles will combine Intel Haswell CPUs, a 4K resolution monitor (running at 3840×2160 resolution) and a pair of GTX 780s …

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Falcon Computers Predator Gaming PC Review

Today we are going to look at a gaming rig from a manufacturer called Falcon Computers.  They are an independent organisation based up in Sunderland, producing an extensive range of pre-configured and configurable gaming systems. The Falcon Predator offers an impressive specification which includes an overclocked Intel Core i7-4770K, paired with …

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Ouya released in UK today – £99.99

If you have missed it, then be sure to check out the new OUYA – which is released in the United Kingdom today, priced at £99.99. GAME UK have a list page already set up, for those interested. The page says ‘OUYA – a New Kind Of Game Console!’ and …

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Braebo Enforcer Gaming PC Review

Today we are going to look at the Enforcer gaming PC which is a mid-range system from a company called Braebo Computers. They are a relatively small company who cater predominantly for the low to mid range of the PC market, however they have a few attractively featured overclocked gaming …

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Aria array offers affordable gaming from £319

One of the most discussed topics at KitGuru HQ is ‘Just how much do you need to spend in order to get a decent gaming experience?’ – with opinions varying wildly. It really comes down to the image quality and resolution you want to enjoy Vs the size of your …

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Xi3 admits Piston isn’t official Steam Box


Valve came out earlier this week and claimed there was no official relationship between it and mini-Piston PC creator, Xi3 and that ultimately the miniature machine wasn’t a Steam box. While initially taken aback by this announcement, Xi3 seems to have collected itself now and it has agreed, the Piston …

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