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The Carphone Warehouse just leaked the Google Pixel Phone


It looks like The Carphone Warehouse has dropped the ball as the UK store just leaked the first official images and details for Google’s next smartphone, which is set to be announced tomorrow. For starters, it looks like Google is retiring the Nexus name after all, replacing it with the …

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Samsung has replaced 1 million unsafe Galaxy Note 7s


Update: Just last week Samsung confirmed that it has exchanged around half of the Galaxy Note 7 units that could be affected by battery failures. However, since then the company has continued to replace potentially dangerous units and now, over one million Note 7’s have been exchanged, globally. While passing …

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Surface Pro 3 users face more battery issues


It seems that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is still proving to be an issue for the company and its customers alike as battery issues keep cropping up. Earlier this year, Microsoft patched a bug that caused the Surface Pro 3 to incorrectly display battery percentages but now another battery-related problem …

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Samsung frees up $900 million by selling minor share holdings


Samsung Electronics has generated close to $900 (£690) million by selling small share holdings it has in various companies. Purportedly the reasoning is to help generate investment funds for the core business, which will help consolidate Samsung’s efforts into its major earning divisions. Companies that Samsung sold shares for includes …

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macOS Sierra GM Build launches


If you have been trying out the macOS Sierra beta builds ahead of the update’s official launch on the 20th of September, then you can actually get your hands on the release version now as the Gold Master build has been released for all testers. macOS Sierra (formerly known as …

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Tim Cook thinks Augmented Reality will be bigger than VR


While Virtual Reality has created a lot of buzz over the last couple of years, ever since Microsoft’s Hololens announcement, interest in Augmented Reality has been growing. We have heard rumours about Apple experimenting with both VR and AR but this week, Tim Cook spoke out about which of the …

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Samsung to force 60% battery cap for exploding Note 7s


Samsung is currently in the pr0cess of recalling the Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries but in the meantime, there will be some defective units still floating around. In order to try and prevent anymore major accidents from happening, Samsung is pushing out a software update to affected units …

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US Safety Commission warns users to stop using the Note 7

Last week, Samsung announced that it would be issuing a recall for the Galaxy Note 7 after several devices were found to have major battery defects. However, the recall wasn’t set up through the proper channels in the US, meaning consumers could still easily purchase the device if they really …

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Google’s Android antitrust deadline extended

Back in April, the European Commission officially filed its anti-trust complaint against Google in regards to Android and its pre-installed apps and services. At the time, Google was given until the 27th of July to refute the complaint but ended up nabbing an extention, bringing the deadline to the 7th …

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Apple officially reveals iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2

After months of rumours and leaks, Apple officially announced the iPhone 7 and the next generation Apple Watch. In the iPhone’s case, the headphone jack is in-fact gone and there is a new dual-camera system for the iPhone 7 Plus, doubling up on the camera bump. On the Apple Watch …

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Galaxy Note 7 recall may cost Samsung close to $1billion

Samsung has been making the headlines over the past week as Galaxy Note 7’s began suffering from critical battery failures, which led to some devices exploding. Since then, Samsung has gone ahead and issued a recall of these devices but the process is going to be far from cheap, as …

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Google has put a stop to Project Ara

Ever since the Phonebloks concept first hit the web, the idea of a modular smartphone has really took off and Google was the first to take the idea seriously, kicking off Project Ara. We have seen Ara evolve a lot over the last couple of years and just a few months …

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Update: Samsung to recall all Note 7s, halt sales


Update: Following on from the rumour that Samsung would be replacing certain damaged Galaxy Note 7 devices after reports of battery fires, the Korean electronics giant will now recall all sold devices and will halt sales moving forward. Replacement handsets will be issued to affected customers. Samsung has said that it may take …

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