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Apple closes in on own GPU design

Once upon a time, Apple was in the habit of developing an armada of hardware itself. Jobs and Co loved the idea of being full-blown designers where each and every component could be unique, stylised and better than everyone else’s bits. Apple’s drive to mass market status saw that strategy …

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Steelseries Sensei Mouse Review

Steelseries have built up a reputation over the years for producing some of the finest mice available to the gaming audience. Their Xai has been my gaming mouse of choice for the last year as I immediately bonded with the shape, weight and size. Today we are looking at their …

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NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse Review

Back in 2008, NZXT released the Avatar gaming mouse featuring an ambidextrous design. As with all of NZXT’s PC accessories, ‘Avatar’ was designed to provide gamers with an advantage over their competitors. Move forward to summer of 2011 and NZXT has released the Avatar S, the successor to the original …

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Xigmatek Elysium Review

Xigmatek have been earning a solid reputation among the enthusiast community for their high quality range of products. Today we are looking at the gargantuan Elysium case, which on paper looks to be possibly one of the best value and most capable cases on the market. The Xigmatek Elysium is …

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HIS HD6970 IceQ Mix Review

Many months after the initial launch there are a wide variety of HD6970’s available on the market, some with custom coolers and others with enhanced PCB designs. Today we are looking at the new HD6970 board from HIS, which features both. The HIS HD6970 IceQ Mix is the latest high …

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ASRock Core HT HTPC (Sandybridge) Review

ASrock have been active in the last 12 months, releasing a high quality range of motherboards and small form factor computers. Today we are looking at their latest range of media centers – the Core HT HTPC, which is based around the Intel Sandybridge platform. The Home Theater computer we …

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