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CES 2017: Razer wants to turn Chroma into a full room projector


Razer’s Chroma lighting may have started off as a flashy, colourful addition to keyboards and mice but the company sees a much bigger future in Chroma. At CES this week, Razer not only revealed its crazy triple monitor laptop, but it also announced Project Ariana, a full-room projector that will …

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OC record broken with MSI Z270 XPOWER mobo and 7700K at 7GHz


At this point, it is well known that Intel will be launching its next generation Kaby Lake processors this week alongside the Z270 platform and while reviews have yet to land, it looks like overclockers are already getting to grips with the new Core i7 7700K. Today, Overclocking team ‘BenchBros’ …

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Asus launches new TUF Sabertooth Z170S motherboard

ASUS has even more announcements in store for us today with the announcement of the new TUF Sabertooth Z170S Motherboard, which Asus says is designed tough and built to last. The ATX board  features an arctic-white digital camouflage finish and has plenty of high-end features to boot. The Asus TUF …

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MSI has built the Mac Pro of gaming PCs

MSI is no stranger to system building at this point, following the making of its Nightblade line of micro-ATX gaming desktops. However, MSI wants to shrink things even further this year with the Vortex, a compact gaming system, custom built inside a cylinder-shaped case- it’s essentially the gamer version of …

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NASA showed up at CES… with VR gear

NASA has been making a splash at this year’s CES, but not by showing off technological developments like crew capsules or rocket engines, but with virtual reality. The American space agency brought along a number of VR and AR headsets and is using them to give the public an experience …

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Logitech is revamping the G502 Proteus mouse this year

Back in 2014, Logitech launched the G502 Proteus Core gaming mouse, which swiftly became a favourite amongst PC gamers and received plenty of critical praise. Now, the mouse is getting a revamp, with Logitech set to release the G502 Proteus Spectrum later this year, the company has announced today at …

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Oculus Rift to come with DK1-style carry case

The commercial release of virtual reality hardware is closer than ever before and with the announcement of Oculus Rift CV1 pre-orders opening up on 6th January, the hype train is hitting maximum speed. To help fan the flames of its boiler, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey announced that much like the …

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Samsung has shown off its tiny, portable 2TB SSD

Last year, Samsung revealed its first 1TB portable SSD known as the T1. However, technology has evolved since then and not only has Samsung come out with its first 2TB SSD in the 850 Evo line, but it has also managed to shrink things down to a portable version, known …

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HTC begins sponsoring eSports teams

HTC is now getting involved with the eSports scene in an effort to update its brand image and be seen as something more than just a smartphone maker. The company now sponsors Cloud9, Team Liquid and Team SoloMid, three prominent professional teams. Team Liquid welcomed its new Taiwanese sponsor in …

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be quiet! shows off two new CPU coolers at CES

be quiet! came to the Consumer Electronics Show prepared this year, with two brand new CPU coolers to show off- the Shadow Rock LP and the Dark Rock TF. The brand new Shadow Rock LP comes in at only 76mm high, allowing for up to 32mm height memory to be …

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3D printed stone, metal and wood are here

MakerBot PLA Composite Filaments

MakerBot, the desktop 3D printing company, has revealed four new materials that you can now use to print your creations with. A little more exciting than the plastic that’s been used so far, they’re actually composites that contain real metal, stone and wood making this all the more impressive. These materials are mixed …

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Steam Machines are dead according to Origin PC CEO

During an interview with GameSpot today at the Consumer Electronics Show Origin PC CEO Kevin Wasielewski revealed his thoughts on the state of Steam Machines and they are not great. He did however have some positive news about Valve’s Steam Controller though, in that it has now been finalized after several iterations and …

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FCC to vote on net neutrality on 26th February

FCC Tom Wheeler

Chairman Tom Wheeler of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has confirmed during a CES speech, that the voting on the open Internet order will go ahead on the 26th of February. He also all but confirmed that internet service providers (ISPs) will be reclassified as common carriers under Title II provisions in the Communications Act. This would …

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