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Phanteks shows off 2015 lineup at CES

The Phanteks 2015 product line looks promising from what we have seen so far at their CES 2015 suite. Here in Vegas, they are showing off two new builds in the Enthoo Mini XL chassis. Out of the box the Enthoo Mini XL is clearly ready for advanced custom watercooling. As we …

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Intel’s Curie, the tiny SoC that can

Intel Curie

Intel’s announced it’s new SoC (system-on-chip) for wearable devices today at CES. Scheduled for release in the second half of 2015 this tiny all in one system will be able to fit just about anywhere, with it being around the same size as your thumbnail. Intel have also revealed plans with several …

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Dell’s new XPS 13 and XPS 15 revealed

xps 13

At CES today Dell announced refreshes of it’s XPS 13 and XPS 15 Ultrabooks, with the XPS 13 seemingly getting most of the attention. The reason for this is that Dell is claiming that the XPS 13 is the smallest 13-inch Ultrabook available today, along with the stunning virtually borderless “infinity display” that …

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ASUS announces new PA328Q 32in 4K display

Ah CES, the time of year when a journalist’s eyes bleed there’s so much ‘news’ out there and you can’t help but wish your pockets were a bit deeper so you could afford all the new goodies being announced. One such company that’s showing off a lot of new gear …

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Toyota gives away fuel cell technology patents

A monopoly that you can’t get in trouble for, is just about the golden dream of every giant corporation out there. If you have no competition, you have free reign with release schedules, pricing and many other aspects of development. However, a monopoly is useless if the market isn’t there …

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ASUS brings you more Zen(fone)


ASUS has announced it’s new ZenFone 2 today at CES, a year after the release of the last ZenFone at CES 2014. While it has been refined in every aspect from previous ZenFone models what makes it slightly different than most Android phones is what’s inside. The CPU in this case …

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LG has unveiled the G Flex 2 smartphone

LG has revealed the G Flex 2, incorporating design elements from last year’s G3 flagship device. The second generation G Flex model comes with a 5.5 Inch curved 1080p OLED display. According to LG’s head of smartphone planning, the company decided to return to the curved design do to the …

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Seriously tiny ECS LIVA X Mini PC shown off at CES

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has lifted the curtain on the latest member to its LIVA family of mini PCs. The Liva X is a new, super small, 15w consuming mini PC powered by a 22nm Intel Bay Trail-M System on Chip CPU. Just as impressive is the thermal design, which …

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Nvidia Tegra X1 to power in-car display technology

There’s been a lot of talk about the next-generation of in-car infotainment systems in recent months, with both Google and Apple once again going head to head to see who can dominate with their respective Android Auto and CarPlay systems. However it may be Nvidia that really drives forward the …

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Kodak is going to lend its name to a line of smartphones

Kodak has announced that it is going to license its name out to a range of mobile devices that will come with new functionality to make it easier to share and print images. The company’s first smartphone attempt will be revealed at CES later this month. This smartphone will be …

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More Sony Xperia Z4 specs leak

Sony’s next flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z4, is said to be revealed next month at the Consumer Electronics Show but we may already have a good idea of the specifications thanks to a new leak. According to new sources, the device is expected to sport a 5.2 inch 1080p display …

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Sony Xperia Z4 front panel leaks

Sony has announced its schedule for its CES conference in January at which we will likely see a slew of new devices announced. While specific details aren’t confirmed yet, the Xperia Z4 smartphone is expected to make an appearance, which could be backed up by this latest leak, showing off …

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Valve won’t be appearing at CES next year

Earlier this year, Valve showed up at CES with a bunch of Steam Machines to talk a little more about its plans and show off the controller. The controller and OS have since been delayed but it doesn’t look like we will be hearing anything new in January as Valve …

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Hampoo has big tablet plans for 2014

Hampoo may not be a brand that everyone is hugely familiar with, but it’s certainly gaining a name for itself after its recent CES showing, where its new fleet of touch screen devices offered built in gaming controls and glasses free 3D for the gamers and media viewers out there …

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Netflix will start streaming 4K in February

Yesterday we reported that Amazon was going to begin filming all future projects in 4K, in that same article we talked a bit about Netflix filming season one of its original series ‘House of Cards’ in ultra high definition as well as testing 4K streams. Netflix has now confirmed that …

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Antec GX700 ready for battle at £69

At CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Antec was on hand to launch the brand new GX700 chassis. KitGuru has done some investigation into the UK and European launch pricing. Seems attractive, so what are you getting for your money? There was a time when Antec chassis ruled the world (of …

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Gabe Newell clears up Steam Box confusion

Gabe Newell

Ok so yesterday I might have jumped the gun a bit saying we were looking at “Valve’s console.” It isn’t. Still, it will be part of a new lineup of Steam compatible hardware that are designed as small form factor PCs for gaming in your lounge. Yes I also said …

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ADATA reveals new high speed memory and SSD at CES

The world of modern technology requires a balancing act. You must control costs, otherwise you can’t make a profit – while at the same time you need to innovate like there is no tomorrow or there won’t be a tomorrow. At CES, the world’s second largest memory module producer has …

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CES will have a weight loss fork


While being a technology enthusiast doesn’t usually garner a reputation for fitness and health, the two worlds are certainly merging through sites like Fitocracy, companies like Fitbit and through specific products. A new one is set to be debuted at CES in the coming week, the HAPIfork from Fitburg, which …

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