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Enermax announces new CPU coolers

Enermax, that PSU giant of old has announced a new range of CPU coolers, all part of the ETS-T40 range and coming with names like Black Twister and White Cluster – though essentially the same as each other, just with a different paint job. Both units inherit the same patented …

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Phanteks PH-TC12DX CPU Cooler Review

Aiming to stamp its authority in another segment of the CPU cooling market, Phanteks has released a mid-range model in the PH-TC12DX. Does the dual fan PH-TC12DX have what it takes to shine in an overly-cramped market? Utilising four 6mm heatpipes in a U-type arrangement, Phanteks’ dual fan PH-TC12DX CPU cooler targets …

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Sapphire Vapor-X CPU Cooler Review

Renowned for enthusiast-grade graphics cards that push the boundaries of performance, Sapphire is on the hunt for success with the company’s first ever CPU cooler – the Vapor-X. Utilising vapour chamber technology, can Sapphire replicate the success of the critically-acclaimed Vapor-X coolers used on their graphics cards? A direct-contact vapour chamber base should …

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Phanteks PH-TC14CS CPU Cooler Review

Phanteks are a relatively new brand to the high end air cooling market but are certainly a force to be reckoned with.  We tested their first CPU cooler, the PH-TC14PE a few months back and it achieved great results, beating the almighty Noctua NH-D14 in our temperature tests.  So we …

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Thermaltake Jing silently appears in KitGuru Lab

Back in June, we presented some of the world’s first shots of the upcoming Thermaltake Jing cooler. Now, three months later, the product is about to ship in volume and we’ve got it in our lab early. Before we begin the torture testing, here’s a quick look see. After the …

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Thermaltake Contac29 Cooler Review

We know KitGuru readers love good coolers – our review of the Noctua Austrian Sandwich (NH D14) has been read by over 60,000 people in the last three weeks. That said, we also know that a substantial portion of that readership couldn’t afford to pay almost £70 for pride of …

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