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DJ Steve Aoki now owns Rogue Esports teams


It’s not that uncommon for people with lots of success and lots of money, to indulge in their best loved sports and purchase stakes in teams. Just look at Steve Ballmer. Well that sort of thing happens in Esports too and it turns out that famed DJ and producer, Steve …

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11,000 CS:GO cheaters were banned today


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can quickly become a frustrating game if you encounter cheaters, especially in a competitive match. However, today it looks like someone revved up the Valve Anti-Cheat engine as more than 11,000 players were hit with the ban hammer in one of the largest ban waves of the …

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Too legit to quit: CS GO betting site seeks gambling license


One of the world’s largest Counter Strike: Global Offensive betting sites, CSGO Lounge, has announced that it is applying for an official gambling license, in order to legitimise itself. This comes after it received a cease and desist letter from Valve, as well as a lot of negative attention from …

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Shaq is the star of ELEAGUE’s new CS:GO advert

Considering all of the celebrity cameos in videogames over recent years, it’s perhaps no surprise that Turner Broadcasting run Esports organisation, ELEAGUE, is doing the same to promote this year’s Counter Strike tournament. Instead of going with a classical actor though, it went with Shaq Fu and Kazaam star Shaquille O’ …

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Valve gives permanent bans to CSGO match fixers

Over the last year, there has been quite a bit of drama in the professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene, particularly when it comes to match-fixing after several teams were found to have intentionally staged games in order to profit off of illegal bets. At the time, Valve ‘indefinitely suspended’ 21 …

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Valve has patched the CS:GO R8 Revolver

This week, Valve really shook up the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community with a new gun, the R8 Revolver. The gun was swiftly discovered to be insanely powerful and accurate, with massive base damage and the ability for one shot kills. Now after much feedback, Valve has patched the gun to …

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Valve has finally updated the hitboxes in CS:GO

One of the biggest gripes players have had with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive up to now has been the hitboxes. The problem was made really apparent a few months back when someone made a gif of a crouched player being shot repeatedly at point-blank range and yet, taking no damage. At …

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Counter Strike stream interrupted by SWAT team

Last night, Jordan “Kootra” Mathewson, was arrested by a SWAT team while live streaming Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The police had received a hoax phone call claiming that Mathewson had shot two co-workers and was holding the rest hostage. The caller also stated that the live streamer would shoot at the …

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