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Lian-Li launched lovely looking low cost cases

Opinion gets split at KitGuru on a number of things. GTX or Radeon. Core i3 or Fusion. Battlefield 3 or Black Ops. But the area that’s contested the hardest is chassis design. Everytime we argue about cases, Lian-Li is always one of the contenders for “Most desirable”. But, generally, they …

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Adobe ready to share CS6 secrets with you

Launch any improvement, to any product, and the first question most intelligent people will ask is, “OK, so what’s different?”.  For CS6, the powers that be at A-do-be have decided that a flood of Webinar options is the way to go. KitGuru gets a new GMail account just to sign …

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Powerful personal projector for iPhone ready to launch

The whole point of the Walkman-iPod revolution was that entertainment suddenly became very personal. You could have 50 people on a bus and every single one of them might be nodding their head to a different beat. The next generation of accessory is/was/will be about making the experience into a …

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New Intel Core i3 chips set to hit stores

While the Sandy Bridge/Cougar Point affair is still very much in the public domain, Intel is pushing ahead with its launch schedule unhindered. We’re presently hearing that the launch for the new chips will be on a Sunday. Strange timing. KitGuru gives the specs a once over. Searching Google for …

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iPad killer? Exclusive photos @ Computex

The whole iPad phenomenon has grabbed the world by the short and curlies in an amazing way. KitGuru got one of these amazing devices airlifted from the States WAY before the official launch date in the UK, simply because we could not keep our hands off it. The device is …

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Can MacBook Pro justify £1,900?

On Wednesday morning, Apple unveiled its brand new, 17″ MacBook Pro with a pricetag of £1,900. KitGuru was on hand to see if its worth taking that much damage to your wallet/mortgage/marriage. So what does your money buy ?  To be honest, on paper, not much. Intel’s Core2 Duo processor …

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