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Petition demanding refunds for Battlefield 2042 buyers nears 75,000 signatures

Recent rumours have indicated that Battlefield 2042 could be in for a huge shake-up this year, including a possible jump to a free to play model. This was followed by the announcement that the first season of post-launch content has been delayed to 'summer 2022', leaving those who purchased the game to deal with a massive content drought. Now, those players are calling for EA to offer mass refunds.

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Pokémon Go players are asking for (and getting) refunds


Pokémon Go players haven't been particularly happy with developer Niantic, for some time now. Initially its game had server lag, then a tracking bug and now since the developer pulled the ability to track local Pokémon altogether, many players have stopped playing and requested refunds, citing that the game isn't …

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Steam now offering refunds within 14 days

It's been a long time coming, but Valve has updated the terms of its Steam digital distribution platform to allow gamers to return games they don't want. There are some conditions that must be met: the games can't have been played for more than two hours and they must have been …

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EE to pay £1 million back to customers following error

UK mobile service provider, EE, will be refunding a small portion of its customers after they were wrongly charged for using data abroad. The company blamed the issue on a “configuration error”. Those affected by the problem should receive a text message confirming that a refund would be tacked on to …

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Apple clamping down on new app refund policy

Apple is clamping down on its own app refund policy, which it put in to effect a couple of weeks back. The returns policy enabled iTunes users to get their money back on digitally purchased apps within 14 days, although Apple reserved the right to refuse refunds if an app …

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iTunes now offers refunds in Europe

Apple has changed the iTunes refund policy making it so that Europeans can return almost any digital item bought from the store within two weeks of purchase. However, as you would expect, there are some caveats in place to avoid abuse of the system. If you open an app, or …

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Phones 4U won’t be refunding iPhone 6 pre-orders

Most of you have probably heard by now that Phones 4U has gone in to administration and is selling off its retail stores and assets to the likes of EE and Vodafone, the same networks that allegedly drove it out of business. However, despite offloading its retail stores, the company's financial …

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Blockbuster customer’s megaphone protest nets refund

Blockbuster recently re-entered administration, despite raking in masses of pre-orders earlier in the year for both the Xbox One and PS4. With its current financials, it announced it would be unable to provide refunds, unless customers wrote to the head office, with all sorts of documentation and receipts. One man …

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O2 offers refund to customers following service outage

As a lot of our readers will already be aware, some of O2's customers suffered service outages last week due to an apparent ‘network failure'.  This was a massive source of frustration for many people who's phones were unable to register on the network, despite their phones showing signal. O2 has announced …

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