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Allan 'Zardon' Campbell

Kolink Continuum 1200w PSU Review


Kolink may be a new name to KitGuru labs – however their products are created by Hungarian ‘Caseking Kellytech’, a sister company of European Caseking … who unsurprisingly have exclusive distribution rights. As such they are sold in the United Kingdom by Overclockers UK. The primary focus of Kolink is …

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AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB Review

2016 has been a slow year for graphics cards and while Nvidia launched their high end GTX1070 and GTX1080 solutions – they are strictly for the gaming audience with deeper pockets. AMD have approached their first 2016 GPU launch differently, opting to release their RX 480 – a mid range …

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KitGuru exclusive visit to Gigabyte HQ

During Computex 2016 Leo Waldock visited Gigabyte’s HQ in Taipei for a quick tour followed by an interview with Raymond Tseng, Senior Associate Vice President Innovation & Creative Value Centre Motherboard Business Unit, which is one of the longest job titles we have ever seen. Watch via our VIMEO Channel …

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Oculus Rift CV1 Unboxing

2016 is the year of VR and KitGuru has published many articles on the topic already – we have discussed the technology, presented an AMD technical analysis (with an Nvidia analysis coming soon) and showcased an unboxing of the HTC Vive. News Editor Jon Martindale has had a pre-release version …

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KitGuru updates test rigs with Overclockers UK

KitGuru reviews thousands of products every year and having high performance, up to date test systems at hand to partner with the latest components is critical. This is particularly true when we are reviewing the latest graphics cards. In the last week several of our older 4770K and 4790K systems …

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